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List of Agriculture Jobs and Salaries in 2022

If you’re a degree holder and you specialized in agriculture or agriculture related discipline, you might be one reading Agriculture Jobs and Salaries in 2022.

This article expose you to agriculture jobs and salaries. This article might help you during job interview as well.

Agriculture Jobs and Salaries

List of Agriculture Jobs and Salaries in 2022

1. Agricultural Engineer, Agronomist

An Agricultural Engineer/Agronomist earn between 100,000 to 300,000 monthly for an entry level candidates. This is a supervisory position.


Description of Agricultural Engineer, Agronomist job position

  • Preparing crop rotation.
  • Providing seed, organic and inorganic fertilisers, chemical protective substances and machinery required for the production of required crops.
  • Supervising the processing and preparation of soil, sowing and planting.
  • Monitoring the growth of plants, ensuring their nutrition and protection during vegetation.
  • Harvesting crops; subsequent processing or storage of crops.

2. Agricultural Technician

Agricultural Technician assists agriculture scientist/engineer to ensure quality crops are produce at all time.

They are involved in testing and processing crops in the farm. An Agricultural Technician earn an average of 90,000 to 250,000 monthly.

Description of Agricultural Technician job position

  • Responsibility for planting, spraying, collecting, storing and selling agricultural products.
  • Operating agricultural machinery and equipment and keeping them in working order.
  • Collecting the samples of crops and livestock.
  • Conducting experiments aimed at increasing the fertility of crops, livestock performance and their resistance to disease and pests.
  • Keeping records of discovered facts, their analysing and drawing conclusions.
  • Cleaning and sterilising the laboratory and laboratory equipment.

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3. Soil Scientist

As a soil scientist, you assist in analyzing the biology, chemistry and physics of soil. An average soil scientist earn between 110,000 to 250,000 monthly.

Description of Soil Scientist job position

  • Examining the composition and quality of agricultural soil as well as ground and irrigation water.
  • Selecting crops suitable for cultivation in the given location.
  • Identifying insufficiently fertile soil and proposing measures to improve its fertility.
  • Placing insect traps and collecting and recording the amount of trapped insects.
  • Cooperating in the research and development of chemical fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides.
  • Providing advice to the producers of agricultural crops and livestock keepers.

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4. Animal Care Worker

Animal care worker help in training, feeding and cleaning animal pen. They are one of the essentials worker in the farm. An average animal care giver earn between 40,000 to 150,000.

Description of Animal Care Worker job position

  • taking care of animals and all related tasks
  • feeding, checking water and feed supply
  • cleaning and disinfection of the stables and other needed work

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5. Tractor, Harvester Driver

Tractor drivers are employed in the agricultural industry to drive tractors. They earn between 90,000 to 200,000 monthly

Description of Tractor, Harvester Driver job position

  • driving and operating the tractor
  • repairing agricultural machines and appliances
  • work on a farm/farming company by following the instructions of the boss

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