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Top 10 Types of Agricultural Business in Nigeria

If you’re looking for Top 10 Types of agricultural business in Nigeria. Then, you’re in a right place.

Agricultural business in Nigeria consists of the following four major sectors;

  • Agricultural input,
  • Agricultural product,
  • Agricultural processing- manufacturing agro-processing and,
  • Agricultural marketing- distribution sector

These four major sectors act as interrelated corridor of a system and the success of each sector depends, to a large extent, on the proper functioning of the other sectors. 


Simply put, agribusiness is each about how to conduct successful business in the food and husbandry- related sectors.

It’s a business that has numerous openings and gives room to all players to share at all situations. Also, you can start this business at the reverse of your house and you can indeed start with little or no capital.

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List of Top 10 Types of Agricultural Business in Nigeria

1. Honey Bee Farming

Honey is a big deal in agric-business that hasn’t be tapped into yet. Considering the economic value of honey to human health, you can start honey processing and harvesting business and enjoy profit making agric buuiness.

Honey notions can produce lots of honey, and dealing honey can be a economic business for people who aren’t antipathetic to freak stings, who don’t have a lot of plutocrat, and who have a little space in their vicinity to ranch their honey notions.

Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on earth. Lucky for us, it also has numerous health benefits and uses. Keeping notions at the large scale for marketable purpose as a business plan is adding in this fast growing world.

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2. Pig Farming

Pig husbandry in Nigeria is one of the economic and profitable agricultural businesses which is marketable pig husbandry  that is salutary due to the fact that pigs are fat breeders and can deliver 10 to 14 piglets in a single birth.

Pig meat( pork) has an excellent demand since the red meat is a good source of protein and delicious as well.

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The pork request in West Africa alone accounts for about $3 billion consumption value. 80 of that’s sourced by importation. That’s a lot of untapped profit.

3. Maize Farming

The Maize husbandry business has surely been thriving in Nigeria for decades. corn, which is also generally known as maize, is one of the most popular food crops in Africa. 

Maize is cooked in colorful ways and millions of Nigerians calculate on this crop because it generally costs lower than wheat and rice and other common grains and cereals.

The significance of corn product in Nigeria can not be overemphasized.

A lot of by- products are gotten from Maize. corn product gives birth to a lot of other consumables and some of them are Pap, Custard, Corn Oil, Alcohol, Cornflake, Beast/ animal Feeds, Corn Flour, Corn Starch, Corn Powder and many more.

4. Catfish Husbandry

There are numerous kinds of fish growing in Nigeria, still, numerous people like catfish because its meat is juicy, soft and delicious. still, not everyone knows that this fish can be grown relatively fluently indeed at a small fish ranch, you can indeed organize catfish husbandry at home.

There’s a veritably high demand for catfishes all time round. The demand is loftiest from football viewing centers, caffs and request women who buy in bulk and vend in retail either as live catfishes or smoked catfish. 

Individuals also demand catfishes too for particular consumption. With catfish husbandry, you ’ll noway have any problem dealing your products.

4. Snail Husbandry

Snail husbandry is considered to be one of the most economic agribusinesses you can start with low capital in Nigeria moment. 

Yet, it’s one of the most neglected animal parenting business in the country. snail husbandry in Nigeria provides one of the finest occasion to make a lot of money  within a short period of time.

Snail husbandry is a niche and unusual business type of business. It’s veritably precious to buy snail to eat because snails are veritably dormant during the dry season, they come decreasingly scarce during this period and the request is starved of acceptable force until the coming wet season.

5. Rice Farming

Nigeria is the largest patron of rice in West Africa and the third in Africa after Egypt and Madagascar producing about 3.6 million metric tons on the average annually.

Interestingly, Nigeria still falls short of meeting its original demand which is placed at about 5.5 million tons.

Considering the fact that Nigeria has a huge request for rice, if you’re looking for a economic agricultural business in Nigeria, you need to seriously consider entering the rice husbandry business which is really one of the most profitable businesses in the Nigerian agricultural business sector.

6. Poultry husbandry

Poultry husbandry is the process of raising tamed birds similar as chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese for the purpose of husbandry meat or eggs for food. 

Poultry husbandry in Nigeria is presumably one of the most economic husbandry business you can do. The quick maturity of chicken presents one of the finest occasion for entrepreneurs to make good deep pocket within the shortest period of time possible.

With over 160 Million consumers in Nigeria alone, the request is always there waiting to be tapped. The demand for poultry products similar as eggs is so high that people go about every day looking for where to get the inventories demanded.

8. Cassava Farming

With the decreasingly different use of cassava products in Nigeria, cassava husbandry is getting further economic with every passing day. This ranch product has always been a source of lively hood and food for millions of Nigerians. 90 of Nigerian homes consume cassava products every day.

Some of the popular refection made out of cassava are garri, wheat- flour, animal feed, marketable caramel, and a lot further.

As the population of Nigeria and Africa as a whole continues to grow, the demand for cassava products will continue to shoot, leading to advanced earnings generated by cassava farmers. However, cassava husbandry is one great husbandry business to start, If you ’re looking for an agricultural business that would insure you always nearly vend out all your crops.

9. Pineapple farming

Pineapple husbandry is one of the most economic businesses to involve in. There’s a huge demand of pineapple and its juice both locally and international and the force is low as compared to the demand.

10. Dog husbandry

It is well known business in Nigeria. Dog farming and breeding is a deep pocket agric buiness in Nigeria.

In many Nigerian home, you will find label “Beware of dogs. Have you try to reason source of these dogs. Many of our dogs are imported with few imported into the country.

You can start breeding dogs with capital and export.


There are more types of agricultural business in Nigeria. Modern farming is one of the area in igeria that’s yet to tapped into. Agric business is for profit untapped into in Nigeria.

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