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List of Agricultural farms in Nigeria

farms in nigeria

Since inception, agriculture has been major source of income for several Nigeria populace. Please sit back and see list of agricultural farms in Nigeria and their locations.

Gone are the days agriculture is considered as non lucrative jobs in Nigeria.



Nowadays, foreign investors invest more in agriculture.

List of Agricultural farms in Nigeria

1. Obasanjo Farms

Obasanjo farms is also called Ota Farms. The farms was founded by former president of Nigeria, Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo and the farm is located at Ota which form the basis for its later name.

The farm specialized in rearing of livestock’s species such as pigs, chicken, goat and others.

The farm has presence in both Ogun state and Oyo state. The farm employed over 6000workers.

Obasanjo Farm headquarters Address: 5, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

2. Anadariya Farms

The farm is owned by Usman Dantata Jr. 

Dantata Jr. practiced investment banking in Europe before he  came to revitalize his Dad farm in Kano.

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The farm is well known  for large production of poultry, feeds and other poultry products.

The farm has different units such as hatchery units, broiler units, layers units, feeds units and poultry by-products units.

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3. Fortune Height Farms

The farm is also known as Fortune Farms. The company produces up to 3000 eggs per day. They specialized in poultry production.

The farm is located at Odogbolu, Ogun state, Nigeria.

Website: https://www.fortuneheightsfarms.com.ng

4. Maizube Farms

Maizube Farms owned by former head of state Rt. Abdulsalami Abubakar. The farm produces numerous products such dairy products, poultry, feed and crops.

The farm also has green house where crops such as maize are produced in large quantity. Maizube farms produces up to 15000 eggs per day.

Maizube farm Address: Km 26, Minna-Bida Road, Minna 

Bosso, Niger State, Nigeria.

5. Olam Group

Olam farm is a renowned farm with hatchery and Feedmill factory in Kaduna and Kwara, Nigeria.

Olam source their raw materials from local farmers. They have two major feed products chikun and ultima. 

Website: https://www.olamgroup.com

6. Folawiyo Farms

The farms sit on 308 hectares of land at Oyo State, Nigeria.

Folawiyo farms owned by Yinka Folawiyo. The project has been supervised by Folawiyo group that supplies stores poultry products around Nigeria.

The farm focus on poultry and feed mill production. It has begun diversity to Cassava and Maize farm.

Website: https://yinkafolawiyogroup.com

7. Jovana Integrated Farm

Jovana integrated farm is one of the focus farm in Nigeria. Their focus is on grasscutter breeding and marketing. The farm is owned by Prince Arinze Onebunne. They also helped in project management and consultation.

Location: 127 Isolo Rd, Mushin, Lagos.

8. Nagari Integrated Farm

This farm focus on dairy farming. This farm is considered the largest integrated dairy farm in Africa. The farm boast of overo 30,000 Holstein cattle’s.

The farm is owned by former governor of Nasarawa state, Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu. 

Location: Gauta/Nike Road, Gauta, Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

E-mail: info@nagarigroup.org

9. Kereksuk Rice Farm

The farm is owned by Rotimi Williams. A 35years old 3Billionaire. The farm specialized in rice production in large quantity. The rice farm is situated on 45,000 hectares of land. The farm is also considered second largest commercial rice farm in Nigeria. 

Location: Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

10. Animal Care service Konsult

Animal care service konsult is also known as Animal Care. The farm has branches all over the country with feed mill plants located in Kano State.

The farm specialized in poultry breeding, feed mill, procurement, supply and medicine. The farm started in a single room in Lagos. Their products also have an international presence. 

Headquarter Address: Km2 Iperu Road, Ogere Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Website: https://www.animalcare-ng.com

11. Sebore Farms

This is another farm located in Adamawa state. The farm is very large farm occupying about 14,000hectares of land. They specialized in production of feedmill, horticultural and extension services.

Farm location: Mayo Belwa,

Adamawa State, Nigeria.

Website: https://sebore-epz.com

12. Anu-Oluwa Farms

The farm is into production and sales of broiler, day old chicks and layers.

The farm is well known for customer centric.

Location: km 8, Oluyole, Oyo Town, Oyo state, Nigeria.

13. Ojemai Farms

Ojemai Farms is a well furnished farm located in River state, Nigeria.

They specialized in farming of crops, rearing of livestock and value chain business.

Address: 36, Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

14. Sayed Farms

The farm is owned by Mr. Haytham Nawam. They specialized in poultry, livestock and feed production. One of the great farms in Nigeria is Sayed Farms.

Location: 8 Magazine Road, Jericho Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

15. Babaeko Farms

The farm was commissioned recently in Kogi State. The farm owned by famous advertiser Steve Babaeko. The farm has oil palm plantation and processing unit. The project made it known that the farms integrated with fish farming, piggery and poultry production.

Farm Location: Kakun, kabba, Kogi State, Nigeria.

16. Ajanla Farms

Ajanla farms limited is also called Chi farms. They specialized in diary, aquaculture and poultry production.

Farm location: Off KM 20, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway, Ajanla Village, Ibadan, Oyo State.

17. Xtralarge Farms

Xtralarge Farms focused on training and management of farm land. The company helped investors to grow their investment in agribusiness. They also rear broilers and produces egg for commercial sales.

Cooperate office located at Lagos while farmland located at Sango Ota, Ogun State.

Website: www.xtralargefarms.com

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18. Sedforth indigenous Farm

The farm is a long standing Farm in Ogun state. They produce broilers in large quantities.

Farm location: KM 6, Owode/Abeokuta Rd, Obafemi-Owode, Owode, Idiroko, Ogun State.

19. Forthworth Farms

Forthworth farms produce vegetables in large quantities. The farms are well known in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Address: 1b Adeojo St, Wemabod Estate, Lagos.

Website: www.Forthworth.com

20. IMO modern poultry Farm

The farm is formerly known as Avutu farm. The government of IMO state resuscitated the farm to modern day farm. The farm was established by former governor of Imo state, Governor Sam Mbakwe. The activities in Imo modern farm specialized in poultry production.

Location: Obowo, Imo state.

21. Ubur Nyam Farms

Ubur Nyam Farms is a modern day farm located in Makurdi, Benue state, Nigeria.

The farm produces crops, poultry and livestock and other products in large quantity.

The farms agro-allied activities remain sales of frozen foods. 

22. Niyya Farm Group Limited

The farm is a fast expanding agro-processing industry. The farm also produces dairy products such as yogurt and fresh fruit juice. They are one of the reputable farms in Nigeria

Address: TL.3, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Western Bye-pass, Badiko North New Extension, Kaduna, Nigeria.


There are numerous fast growing farms in Nigeria.

The list is not ranked based on importance.

If you owned a farm and you want your farm to be listed. Kindly put a comment below and we will review your farm.

Thanks  you.

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