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Important Functions of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria

This article provides an overview of the important functions of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and aims to provide valuable information for your research.

Functions of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria

FAAN, short for the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, is a statutory body entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing and managing airports while ensuring the provision of adequate airport facilities.

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Nigeria boasts several airports, ranging from local to international ones.

Examples of Nigerian airports include:

  • Murtala Mohammed International Airport,
  • Aminu Kano International Airport,
  • Calabar Airport,
  • Enugu Airport, and more.

These airports fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, making it crucial to understand how FAAN carries out its important functions, which is the central focus of this article.

The primary role of FAAN is to exercise control over both domestic and international airlines.

Without stringent airline regulations in Nigeria, numerous international airlines could operate within the country, leading to various economic and security concerns.

FAAN has a simple yet crucial responsibility of providing parking spaces for vehicles.

It is essential to avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment that can arise from insufficient or overcrowded parking areas.

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Ensuring the safety and security of parked vehicles, especially during the process of obtaining travel documents, is also part of FAAN’s duties.

Additionally, FAAN provides essential facilities for the landing, refueling, and takeoff of airplanes at the airport.

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In situations where passengers or immigrants face transportation challenges, FAAN addresses this issue by offering vehicles within the airport premises.

These vehicles are properly registered for authorized movement in and around the airport, primarily for security purposes.

Such regulations are in place to prevent crimes like kidnapping or other social offenses, with the primary aim of safeguarding immigrants and foreigners.

It is crucial to note that FAAN plays a vital role in promoting foreign trade through the movement of goods and services.

In cases where aircraft experience malfunctions or damage, FAAN takes on the responsibility of maintaining these facilities.

Repair and maintenance services are provided by FAAN as needed, ensuring the safety and operational efficiency of damaged aircraft.

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The authority also offers warehouses for the storage of goods before they are loaded or offloaded.

FAAN places great emphasis on the cleanliness of the airport environment. The authority employs and compensates personnel specifically tasked with maintaining the airport’s cleanliness.

An interesting aspect is that FAAN provides housing for immigrants and security personnel, including police officers and other agents working at the airport.

One of FAAN’s primary concerns is ensuring the safety of passengers. By providing effective security measures, the authority ensures that passengers feel secure during their airport experience.

This is vital, as a poorly secured airport would discourage immigrants and passengers from utilizing its services.

Additionally, the airport authority is responsible for collecting airport taxes from airlines and shops operating within the airport. It also plays a role in the construction and development of new airports, providing guidance in their establishment.

FAAN not only recruits staff but also invests in their training by organizing various training programs for employees and officials, equipped with relevant facilities.

In conclusion, the federal airport authority oversees the overall administration, management, and control of the airport.

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