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Polaris Bank Transfer Codes: Polaris Mobile Banking, Polaris Bank App and Customer Care

This article contains information on Polaris bank transfer codes.

How to download the Polaris bank mobile app and how to reach Polaris bank easily on their customer care platforms.

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Mobile banking is almost the only trend nowadays.

Banking has been made so easy that no matter the kind of phone you use, you can perform basic transactions using it.

Hence, reducing the need to visit the banks.

If you’re reading this, then I guess that you use Polaris bank and want to find out how you can transact on your bank account using your mobile phone.

You’ve come to the right place! Get your popcorn, relax, and learn on.

Using your mobile phone, you can have access to your Polaris bank account and transact on it, in any of the following ways:

  • Polaris bank Transfer Codes/USSD banking
  • Polaris mobile banking App

Let us delve into each of them a little deeper.

Polaris Bank Transfer codes/USSD banking (*833#)

The use of the Polaris bank transfer codes is the most accessible mode to your account.

This is because it can be done using any phone as compared with the other means that require a smartphone to be used.

All you need to register to use the Polaris Bank transfer codes is any mobile phone, an account with Polaris Bank, and the phone number associated with your Polaris Bank account.

Note that you can also open a Polaris Bank account using the USSD code *833*1# if you do not already own one.

All you need to do is dial the code and follow the instructions on any line.

Your new account would be created for you and sent as an SMS to the number you used to create it.

If it prompts you for your BVN, you can check for that using *565*0# on your BVN number.

Activating your Polaris Bank Transfer Code

To register for Polaris Bank transfer, do the following:
Step 1: From the line registered with your Polaris bank account, dial *833#.
Step 2: Follow the instructions to enter your account Number
Step 3: Enter any easy to remember 4 digit number you would love to use as your transaction PIN
Step 4: your account Balance would thus show in full display.
Step 5: This is an indication that you were successful in registering for the Polaris *833# Smart Banking.

Once you have registered as above, you can now perform various transactions using the code.

Transactions you can perform using the Polaris bank transfer codes.

Transfer funds from your accounts to others

  • Block/change your ATM
  • Subscribe for utility bills
  • Purchase airtime on your line
  • Purchase airtime for others
  • Pay bills
  • Check your account balance
  • Open a new Polaris bank account
  • Transferring money using your Polaris transfer codes.

You can easily do this by following the steps below:

Step 1: Type *833*Amount*Account Number# (for example *833*2000*6773867396#).

Step 2: pick the bank of the account you want to transfer to from the options.

Step 3: Ensure the name that appears is the right one.

Step 4: Pick your Polaris account you intend to transfer from.

How to Block your Polaris Bank ATM Card using USSD code

If you happened to have lost your card, or it got stolen, you can block it via the Polaris transfer code by dialing *833*4# and follow the instructions on-screen.

How to Subscribe for Utility bills like GOTV Using Polaris Bank transfer codes

You can easily do this using the following steps:
Step 1: Type in the code *833*2# using your SIM registered with your Polaris bank account.
Step 2: pick your Polaris Bank Accounts you would like to use (if applicable).
Step 3: Select the biller you intend to pay.
Step 4: Follow the instructions and type in the amount.
Step 5: Type your PIN and finish the payment.

How to check your Polaris Bank Account Balance

You can check your Polaris Bank account by various means, To check it on your mobile phone using the Polaris bank transfer codes, follow the steps below.

Step 1: type *833*6# from your line registered to your Polaris Bank

Step 2: Pick option 6 to check your account balance

Step 3: Follow the instructions on-screen which would prompt you to enter your account number.

Step 4: Enter your 4 digit PIN and your account balance would be displayed.

Note though that you would attract a charge of N10 on your account every time you do this.

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Polaris Bank mobile app

How to get on board the Polaris bank app

It essentially involves two steps:

  • Application Download
  • Registration Process

Downloading Polaris Bank Mobile Banking App

The Polaris bank application can be downloaded via any of the following channels

Use the USSD *389*07# and follow the instruction that follows
You can also download the Polaris Mobile app for smartphones like androids. iPhones and the likes via Google play store and apple store.
You can also send an SMS, ‘ D POLARIS” to 20220. This applies to all networks.

When you do, you will receive a response that contains a link to help you do the download.

After downloading the application on your phone, open the app and it would prompt you to enter your phone number which you registered with your Polaris bank account, your account number, and a default memorable word.

Once you do this, you would receive an SMS which would say “congrats you have successfully registered, visit any Polaris bank to activate your PIN”.

Polaris Customer Care Services

Reaching out to Polaris bank customer care for help is now easy as you can contact them using the address and number below.
Email: yescenter@polarisbanklimited.com
Phone: 0700 75932265
0806 988 0000
01 4482 100
01 270 5850
Twitter: @polarisbanklinited.com

You can also visit your nearest branch

We hope the information found in this article has been able to answer your questions regarding the use of the Polaris bank transfer codes and the use of the Polaris mobile app.

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