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UBA Mobile Banking: UBA Transfer Codes, Online Banking and Customer Care

This article contains information about UBA transfer codes, UBA Online banking, and UBA customer service in case you need help with your transactions.

There is absolutely no way you would speak of banks without mentioning the mighty UBA bank.

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Haven laid its foundation in the banking sector since 1949, this bank has survived several Economic recessions, several periods when banks had to merge to survive and several technological changes that have occurred in the banking sector.

Banks continually seek ways to improve their service to their customers and the United Bank of Africa has not slacked back in this regard as well.

They have joined the throngs of banks that have given their customers the option of easy banking via their mobile phones.

The options available include the use of the UBA transfer code otherwise called USSD banking and online banking (internet banking and UBA mobile app).

Career Acada has done the research to update you concerning the aforementioned banking methods.

UBA transfer code or USSD banking (*919#)

The UBA transfer code is an initiative for everyone who owns a mobile phone and a bank account with UBA to be able to perform all the major transactions including transfers, recharging, checking account balance and so much more.

Requirements to use the Union Bank Transfer Codes

For you to be able to access the union bank transfer codes, you need the following:

  • UBA Bank Account
  • UBA Prepaid Card
  • Active Phone Number
  • Mobile Phone
  • UBA Debit Card
  • Once you have all those, you can access your UBA account from anywhere and at any time. But first, you need to register to use this service.

How to Register to use the UBA Transfer Code

Follow the steps below:

  • Dial the code *919# on the active line linked to your UBA bank account.

A welcome message will appear instantly.

  • Choose option 1 to register for the use of the UBA USSD code. Next, two options will appear.
  • Choose the “Prepaid with PIN” option if you are a UBA prepaid subscriber.

If you are not a prepaid user, then choose “Account with PIN“.

On the next screen, enter your UBA Bank Nigeria account number which is usually the ten digits.

Next, input the last four digits of your UBA Bank debit card.

If you have a referral ID, then you can enter it here and proceed with the registration.

Next, enter your PIN you intend to use for the mobile banking service.

Finally, confirm the PIN you entered above for the UBA transfer code.

After your registration, you can start using the UBA Transfer codes immediately for transactions.

Simple Transactions Accessible using the UBA Transfer Codes

To transfer/send money to a UBA Account holder, use the code as follows:

  • Dial *919*3# and follow the command as seen on screen

To transfer money to other bank users, use the code as follows:

  • Dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen instruction.
  • To check your UBA account balance using the UBA transfer code on your mobile phone, use the code as follows:

Simply dial *919*00#
Input your PIN and your balance will be shown to you.
To buy airtime for yourself, use the code as follows:

  • Dial *919*Amount#.

If you wish to buy airtime for someone else, use the code as follows:

  • Dial *919*Phone number (the person’s phone number)*Amount #
  • Online Banking With UBA

The United Bank of Africa is also providing excellent customer service via internet-enabled platforms which include their internet banking website, “U-direct” and through their app, “UBA mobile banking” app.

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Some Features of the UBA Online Banking

If you use the Online banking, then you will enjoy the following services:

  • Easy view of your account balance
  • List of transactions performed on your account
  • Do both intra-bank transfers and inter-bank transfers easily and conveniently from anywhere
  • Perform international bank transfers
  • Buy airtime conveniently
  • Pay bills conveniently

Requirements for Access to the UBA Online Banking Service

Both kinds of online banking requires that you meet the following requirements at least:

  • You must have an active account with UBA bank account
  • The email and phone number used to open your account must be active and readily accessible
  • A smartphone or computer with internet access
  • An active debit card

Once you have all the above requirements, you can proceed to register to use the online UBA services.
Wondering how you can do that? Not to worry. Career Acada got you covered!

How to register for the UBA Mobile Banking app

  • Download the “UBA mobile Banking” app from any of the app stores.
  • Open the app and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Type your account number in the box as required.
  • Input the OTP sent to the number linked to your account in the box provided.
  • Input your choice username and password.
  • You can now go back to the home page and log in.

Congratulations! Your app is all set to be used.

How to Register for UBA U-direct

This can be done in any of three ways. They include:

  • Application at a local branch.
  • Instant self-enrolment
  • Registration via Virtual Enrolment Form

You can easily apply at a UBA branch.

Go to their nearest UBA branch, fill in the forms and you will automatically get enrolled in the bank’s internet banking.

The Instant self-enrolment, according to UBA takes about 40 seconds to do which seems like the easiest option.

The Virtual enrollment form requires a little more time than that since it requires filling out a form and mailing it back to UBA.

For More details, feel free to contact UBA customer service via any of the methods outlined below

UBA Customer Service

The UBA has a 24/7 help service which you can contact in case you find yourself in a jam with respect to any of the self-registrations you try to do. They include:

  • Telephone number: +234 700 2255 822, +234 1 280 8822
  • Email: cfc@ubagroup.com
  • Contact UBA on Facebook: http://m.me/ubachatbanking
  • Twitter: @UBACares.

We hope this article was helpful to you and was able to supply all the information you need about UBA transfer codes and other mobile banking methods.

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