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KPMG Salary Structure in Nigeria: What KPMG staffs earns

kpmg salary structure in Nigeria
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This article talks about KPMG Salary Structure in Nigeria.

KPMG offer audit, assurance services, taxation, management consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services to various companies. The company handles audit and tax services of many public and private organisations.

That been said, there are financial and career wise advantage working at KPMG Nigeria.

What does KPMG mean? KPMG means Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. KPMG is one of the best four professional tax and auditing firms in Nigeria and all the world.

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KPMG has been in Nigeria since 1978. Up till today they still give the best professional services to local and international firms.

KPMG Salary Structure in Nigeria

KPMG Interns Salary

Interns at KPMG works closely with senior associates and are well guided in area of professional audit, tax or advisory services.

Industrial Trainees and Corps’ members are often offer intern positions at KPMG. Interns are liable to offer full time employment upon graduation.

Well performing interns earns N50,000 monthly.

KPMG Graduate Trainees and Experienced Analyst Salary

Fresh university graduates below twenty six years old join KPMG as graduate trainee and upon successful confirmation as analyst and experienced analyst respectively. Graduate Trainees tend to learn various skills and methodologies while on the job. This is the best way to join the company as fresh graduate.

KPMG graduate trainees earns N120,000 monthly while analyst and experience analyst earns N130,000 and N180,000 monthly respectively.

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KPMG Associate Salary

The associate position is meant for employee with more experienced. They are saddled with responsibility to bring in new clients and ensure KPMG staffs are perform well in any contracts.

Associate level staffs earn N200,000 monthly.

KPMG Senior Associate Salary

The Senior Associates responsible for coordinating project team work. This position is for those that has spent up to two years in the organisation.

The senior associate in KPMG Nigeriar earns N300,000 monthly.

KPMG Manager Salary

Managers supervise the work of numerous project teams and guide their subordinates’ career development.  Employee that has spent up to five to six years with outstanding performance are promoted to Managers position. They’re assigned groups and project to manage.

A manager in KPMG Nigeria earns N500,000 monthly.

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KPMG Senior Manager Salary

Senior Manager are responsible for outlining responsibilities and strategy direction for staff operations.

A senior manager at KPMG Nigeria earns N750,000 monthly.

KPMG Associate Director Salary

Associate Director are in-charge of departmental functions and also, represent the firm in contacts with strategic clients, and develop their own client portfolio.

KPMG Partner Salary

 Partners are responsible for highest quality delivery of work as well as for the overall performance of their divisions.


KPMG Salary Structure in Nigeria tend to change from time to time. This information should only be used as guide and for you to only have insight about the payment. This might help you during interview.

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