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What Can You Do With A Banking And Finance Degree?

Banking And Finance

Are degrees such as Banking and Finance highly overrated these days? Let’s be honest with ourselves, and ask a few of these questions.

  • Who even practices what they study?
  • Don’t about 80% of both graduates and undergraduates want to be entrepreneurs, bachelor’s degree or not?
  • Aren’t we all just passing through the university’s system to earn a degree/certificate?
  • What opportunities are there for banking and finance degree holders like myself or someone I know?
  • Are there even jobs? If yes, what are the salary expectations?
  • What’s the point of schooling and earning a degree when there’s so much unemployment?

As troubling as these questions are, as disturbing as the thoughts of graduating school to meet a much larger competitive market are, as scary as the ideas of no opportunities in the labour market is, and as discomforting as the reality to all this fretting is; there is even a much larger and rather unsettling truth – your thoughts and imaginations towards these things are all true.

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You thought I was going to say it’ll be okay and that everything will fall in place when you’re finally ready? Nah.

I mean, as much as we want to keep up with the optimism and show of positive spirits, we may also want to sort of face the reality of things, as we plan against every form of mishap.

This way, we are prepped for the worse; and when it doesn’t eventually come, we never had anything to lose.

But hey! Let’s look on the brighter side for a moment. Besides all of the numerous opportunities that come with being a Banking and Finance degree holder, you also had the chance of making multiple career choices. At least, you’re doing something to help better yourself and everyone around you, as you make all of these impacts.

You probably do not know how to go about all of these many processes, and all of the questions previously highlighted in this article keep coursing through your head. That’s why we’re here to help and guide you.

What can you do with a Banking and Finance Degree?

Now, do you ask to yourself and other people questions like;

How about we take each of these questions one at a time? I’m pretty sure every other underlying question would be answered in the process.

What can I do with a Banking and Finance Degree?

Think about the many sectors the world has accommodated, and still is accommodating – Finance, Tech, Entrepreneurship, IT, Fashion, FinTech, Business, Transportation, Agriculture, Logistics, Ecommerce, Medical sciences, and even Banks. Do you know what drives the bulk of these industries? Numbers!

Every one of these sectors stays afloat because they have a force that can successfully make calculations, deductions, numeric inferences, and even manipulate/maneuver numbers where necessary.

The need for individuals that can successfully carry out all of these tasks with minimal supervision is always rising. This is because these industries are experiencing constant growth, as there’s the emergence of fresh ideas from fresh experts and/or professionals.

So, when you get chocked with the “what can I do with a banking and finance degree” question, always remember that new entrepreneurs are on the rise, and this doubles as the need for a qualified and certified professional who have a flair for numbers and finance, to help keeps these emerging and/or already established industries afloat.

What to do after Banking and Finance?

I’ll tell you the truth. Today’s world required patience and a well thought out process. Now, if there’s one thing that’ll land you a dream job, it is your skill, knowledge, and expertise. Not your course of study.

What you probably failed to realize is that your course of study is already an added skill. Remember your Industrial Training year? How about your projects and their defending? They weren’t for the show of it. It was to grant you that expertise, as it delivered to you certain needed and relevant skills.

What to do after a degree in Banking and Finance?

Start your application for jobs. There isn’t any better time or way.

Love education? Well, further even more. There are a whole lot of study programs. There’s an MSc, MBA, and a host of others. This would grant you an edge over other candidates. Zimbabwe is one of the countries you could easily get this done.

Before the above point, you do a whole lot of apprenticeships, interning, volunteering, and even sign up for online courses. It provides you with leverage, gives you an edge, and make you more competitive amongst other job-seeking candidates.

In the end, it’s really up to you. Map out a plan (whether perfect or not), and follow it keenly.

What are the job opportunities for Banking and Finance?

Point one (1) highlighted on virtually all the sectors you could work in, being a degree holder of Banking and Finance.

Below, find highlighted a list of the few positions and titles you could work as in any of the industries;

  • Financial Analyst
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Statistician
  • Financial Broker
  • Bank Teller
  • Investment Advisor.
  • Auditor

The list is endless. There’s so much a person could do. All that’s required is getting you a-breasted with the relevant skills and information in such practice.

Is Banking and Finance a good degree?

It is, for the most part. Of course, studying may be stressful, but that’s pretty much what we signed up for. If it isn’t worth it, nobody would be indulging in it in the first place. As earlier highlighted, numbers absorb about 70% of the workforce that projects a company.

This includes marketing, metrics, sales, business development, and even administration. So yes, it is a good degree.

Besides the fact that it offers you with an exorbitant array of career choices to choose, it is also very non-selective when it comes to the intended industry. There isn’t any explicit application to this degree. It is such a very versatile study course, and it is just as accommodating.


Banking and Finance have so much to offer. There is quite a lot you could do with it. All that is required is that you prepare structures/goals to follow through, pay inept attention to all of the gimmicks surrounding this course of study, and do your best to be better at what you do.

There’s competition, quite agreed; but keenly working and brushing up on yourself/skills makes you the competition.

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