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Manchester United Players Salary per Week 2022

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This post will answer most of your questions regarding Manchester United Players salaries.

some of the qusetions that will be address include;

  • Manchester United Players Salaries 2022?
  • How much do Manchester United players get paid on weekly basis?
  • Who is the highest-paid Manchester United Player?
  • Manchester United financial statements?

Have you ever wondered which players are the highest paid in Manchester United?

In this post you will get to know about Manchester United players salary structure for year 2022.

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It has been a mixed season for Manchester United with the arrival of star player Cristiano Ronaldo. lets quickly look at salary per week for new arrival players in 2022.

Manchester United- New Arrivals 2021/2022

  • Jadon Sancho – £77m (Dortmund)
  • Raphael Varane – £36m (Real Madrid)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo- £16m (Juventus)
  • Tom Heaton- free transfer (Aston Villa)

Manchester United Players Salary per Week 2022

PlayerAgeWeekly WageContract until
David de Gea30£375,0002023-06-30
Tom Heaton35£60,0002023-06-30
Dean Henderson24£120,0002025-06-30
Lee Grant38£30,0002022-06-30
Raphael Varane28£200,0002025-06-30
Phil Jones29£75,0002023-06-30
Diogo Dalot22£25,0002023-06-30
Alex Telles28£100,0002024-06-30
Harry Maguire28£195,0002025-06-30
Eric Bailly 27£80,0002024-06-30
Victor Lindelof27£120,0002024-06-30
Luke Shaw26£150,0002023-06-30
Aaron Wan-Bissaka 23£90,0002024-06-30
Nemanja Matic33£140,0002023-06-30
Scott McTominay24£10,0002025-06-30
Juan Mata33£160,0002022-06-30
Jesse Lingard28£100,0002022-06-30
Bruno Fernandes26£180,0002025-06-30
Paul Pogba28£290,0002022-06-30
Mason Greenwood19£35,0002025-06-30
Cristiano Ronaldo36£480,0002023-06-30
Jadon Sancho21£350,0002026-06-30
Marcus Rashford23£250,0002023-06-30
Edinson Cavani 34£210,0002022-06-30
Manchester United Players Salary per Week 2022

Highest paid Manchester United players salary per week 2022

The highest earning player in Manchester United are;

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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. David de Gea
  3. Jadon Sancho
  4. Paul Pogba
  5. Marcus Rashford

It is a known fact that former Juventus player, Christiano Ronaldo is the highest earning player at Old stafford. The second highest earning RED devil player follow by Goal Keeper David De Gea.

Manchester United is well known for their performance in the past and history would never forget contribution of stars players like Rooney, De Gea and current highest earning PLAYER C. Ronaldo.

Highest Paid Machester United Defender 2022

The highest paid defender at Old stafford is Raphael Varane with some of £200 per week.

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