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How You Can Join The Metaverse

Metaverse is a combination or union of virtual modalities and real-life experiences.

It thins out the dividing line between a person’s activities online and physical.

You might be confused about how to get on the Metaverse, so I have highlighted some information about that in this post.


The Metaverse can be found in some popular platforms where people can interact or relate in many ways. Platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Mirandus.

Mark Zuckerberg took interest in the Metaverse and revealed that he would spend at least $10 billion on it.

This occurred after he changed the name “Facebook” to “Meta”. Since then a lot of people took interest in the future of Metaverse.

Some started placing bets on it, while others uses that avenue to start-up business ventures in the space. 

To participate in most of the Metaverse platforms for users all over the world, you would need your cryptocurrency wallet and a Windows PC.

However, if you do not have a Windows PC, you can still participate as a guest on a MacBook.

Even with a laptop, you might not get the full experience of Metaverse.

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Although Computers and smartphones can handle most interesting multiplayer games like Animal Crossing and Fortnite; they have limited processing power and may not be able to handle the millions of users all across the globe.

Facebook in its investment bid with Metaverse seeks to make provisions to include users with Oculus VR headsets and or reality glasses.

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Using Decentraland, these are the steps you need to follow to get into the Metaverse space

  1. Create an avatar
  2. Exploration
  3. Interact
  1. Create an avatar

This is the first thing you need to do to get into the Metaverse. The panel has options loaded with features where you can customize your hair and eye color, clothing, accessories, among others as you wish for it to be seen.

  • Exploration

After creating your custom Avatar, you would be dropped into the Genesis Plaza, the premier point in Decentraland. This page is the most crowded area, as there are lots of other avatars here. If another user’s Avatar should get close to yours, you can hear what they are saying with their human voice.

It is here that you can now make a movement with your avatar, or you can simply allow the map to teleport you to your next location.

This is also a grid where you can view and visit the spaces created by other users of Metaverse.

Some of the locations to engage Metaverse users on the Decentraland map include Lobsteropolis, The Crypto Valley, Club Nyan Cat, Dragon City, and so on.

After you have clicked to get into a space, you would find your Avatar within it.

In some of the pages, you would find yourself standing alone in an almost empty room, or you might see objects surrounding the area.

As opposed to what you might have thought, “Many people are using Metaverse, but how come you are presented with an empty with no person inside?”

Well, most people are not just hanging around other people’s pages, they are off playing games.

Wonder Mine Crafting game is one that most of the Metaverse users are on. In the game, you would see meteors striking around, and you are to mine them for minerals or money. The money is placed in coin value.

There are Copper coins and Wonder coins alike to be mined, but you know the coin with the higher value.

Before you get your jitters on, you would not be spending actual money here. After creating your Avatar, you would be awarded 100 Wonder coins, and with that, you can perform various operations on the platform.

  • Interact

Just like in the Genesis Plaza, there are other user avatars, you can freely interact with them in the chatbox.

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