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How To Register A New Vehicle In Nigeria

Vehicle registration is a common practice in most places, Nigeria inclusive.

This registration is anchored by Government authorities.

It is not advisable to make use of a vehicle if it is not duly registered. To prove the authenticity and ownership of a vehicle, every vehicle owner must register theirs.


Reasons to register your vehicle

  • For authentication purposes
  • For security reasons: If a vehicle is registered under insurance, it is much easier to cover the loss acquired in the case of an accident. If a vehicle is stolen, it is through the details submitted during the registration processes that the security operatives would be able to recover it.

You don’t expect to walk into just any office in the Federal Road Safety Commission, to register your vehicle.

There are outlined procedures to do this to endure the smooth-running of affairs in the organization.

Even after you have submitted your vehicle information or details, it would still need to pass through some processes and verification procedures, before they can become fully functional.

You can convey your vehicle freely after the registration has been completed and confirmed.

It is only after you have received the documents confirming your registration, that you can make hitch-free movements with your vehicle.

In the process of your registration, you would be issued application forms for the plate number and other vehicle particulars by the Motor licensing authority.

University Deals

Documents needed for vehicle registration.

After purchasing a vehicle, do not leave in excitement until you have gotten the following documents:

Primary School Deals
  • Sales invoice or Receipt of Vehicle Purchase
  • Attestation letter
  • Delivery note
  • Proof of ownership

If you fail to do this, and you are apprehended by Vehicle Inspection Officers, it is automatically assumed that the vehicle was obtained through illegal or unlawful means.

Added to the above are some documents that the owner of the vehicle would have to carry along while going to register the vehicle. They include:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A means of identification like a National identification card or an international passport
  • Proof of current residence with utility bills including receipts showing payment of electricity bills and water rates where applicable.
  • Recent passport photographs.

Now after you have collated these documents, before trodding off to the Office of the Nigerian Board of Internal Revenue, do well to re-access these documents to ensure they are complete.

Important Documents To Be Obtained From Imported Cars

  • Tax identification number
  • Custom papers (clearing documentation)
  • Vehicle duty certificate

As a precautionary measure, you can bring along photocopies of the documents as it may be among the requirements by the Motor Licensing Officer.

After you have collated the above documents and your biodata, you can now proceed to the Registrations Office

Forms to be filled during the registration

  • Auto license form
  • Form B
  • Federal Road Safety Commission form
  • Tax form

 By the time you are done with filling the forms, the security personnel would verify them, and if they have satisfactorily met the outlined requirements, the Officer in charge now appends his signature and the verification stamp on the forms.

Now, the verification process is complete, you would be directed to make payments for the vehicle license.

This payment may be made to the bank account of the National Board of Internal Revenue, or cash payments can be made.

However, make sure you are making payments to the right person or staff.

The price for the vehicle license is inconstant and as such not contained in this post.

Once your payment has been confirmed by the board, you would be issued with the vehicle plate number.

The following particulars will also be issued to you as well;

  1. Proof of Ownership
  2. Certificate Number
  3. Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT)
  4. Vehicle License

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