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How To Import Goods Directly From China Using 1688.com

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How to import goods directly from China at a low cost.

If you have been looking for a chance to monetize your mobile phone or digital gadgets, then I think you should give Mini-importation a try.

Trust me, you would not be wasting your time here.

You may have gone through a series of basic Mini-importation classes, but in the end, you could not procure any goods.

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Most of these online tutorials usually end up with a call to action for you to sign up for the masterclasses which would cost you some money.

This post contains the basics of mini importation.

I would advise you to get your paper and pen set because there is a lot to learn.

Before we go through how you can purchase foreign goods, I would be properly introduce the concept.

So, What is mini importation?

Mini importation is the purchase of a small to medium quantity of products from another country other than yours.

Who can be a mini importer?

Anyone and everyone. As far as you can read, write and handle a smartphone, you can import goods. Age, Sex, Race are not limiting factors here.

When and Why should you import?

It is advised you import some of the products you make use of because they may either be too expensive or not available in your country.

You are also to import from countries where those products are manufactured.

Now down to the main gist, “How to import?”

For clarity, the only country that has been outlined in this post for Mini-importation techniques in China. Stay back and continue reading as I guide you through how to import goods overseas.

There are 3 different ways to import.

1. The procurement method

2. Use of exchangers

3. Direct from manufacturers or suppliers

1. Procurement method: This method involves the use of a China-based importation app; the 1688.com site and procurement agents.

To understand the theory better, try to put this into practice as you read through or after you comprehend the concept.

The first step:

Go to Google Chrome, type 1688.com, and allow it to load. The site like I mentioned earlier is a China-based website and is written in Chinese.

To translate it to your language, you must be using the updated Chrome browser. After that, click on the three bar lines at the top right corner of the page.

A tab will run down options that you can pick from.

Click on translate, and select your language. Wait for a while for your request to be processed.


Still, on the 1688.com site, search for a product of your choice and tap on the product you wish to experiment on. After that page loads, you may need to translate that page again. Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, it translates within 15seconds to 1minute; depending on your network signal.

 Summary of product evaluation

After selecting a product, these are details you need to check for:

1. Transaction 200+: Even if you love a product to the marrow, don’t head straight to paying money for it, if the company selling the product has not had a minimum of 200 sales.

2. A genuine company should have its minimum operating years as 3+

3. It should have a 4-star Minimum rating.

Product costing, procurement agents, and shipping methods.

Product costing:

The first price displayed just under a product is the cost per product.

MOQ means “minimum order quantity,” it is the smallest quantity of the product that you can purchase in an instant.

If the MOQ is 3 batches, it means the minimum quantity of this bag you can purchase in this store is 3 and it will go for the price specified below it.

NB: procurement agents charge slightly more than this.

Generalized costing procedures:

Assuming ₦70 = 1¥, and the cost of a bag is 29.5¥ when the MOQ is 3 and I saw reading materials.

  1. ¥29.50 × 3 = ¥88.5

This is the cost of the MOQ of 3 bags.

2) Express fee is 0¥(This would be shown on that same page)

88.5 × 70 = ₦6,195. For these three beautiful bags. This is not yet the total cost for all three bags.

The express fee is the amount of money you pay the store for giving your shipping company your goods. The Courier fee is the same as the express fee

With my assumption for the weight of bags being 2kg, the shipping and clearing fees being

Shipping fee, 1kg = $3

Clearing 600 per kg

@₦500 per $

3× 500 = 1500 (shipping fee) + 600 (clearing fee)= ₦2100 per kg

2kg = 2100×2 = ₦4200.

Let me give us some time to digest it.

Additional cost: 5% of the procurement fee: 5/100 = 0.05.

Also, 0.05 × 6195 = 309.75.

This is 5% of 6195.

Let us assume that the waybill is 2000 to your destination.

Total expenses will be 4200+ 2000 + 6195 + 309.75 (5% procurement fee) = ₦13,399.75.

Final cost per bag = ₦4,467

And it could be sold for 6-8k for each one of it.

These are shipping companies

You can use Tugrow1688.com; they are the ones that charge a 5% procurement fee.

Procurement companies also ship goods to Nigeria, so don’t mind the way I use both of them interchangeably

There are three ways of shipping your goods.

By sea (2months + very cheap)

By normal shipping (21 days max. Less expensive)

By express shipping. (5-7days. Most expensive)

They are all Chinese.

Bonus tip: Don’t buy clothes as a newbie in the business.

There are varieties of products, but these are hot in Demand Products in Nigeria

1. Nicer Dicer Plus *

2. Teeth Whitening Gel Pen *

3. Screen protectors (screen guards)

4. Selfie stick (wired)

5. Wax vac

6. USB cables.

7. Potato chip maker

8. 2in1 mini hairdryer

9. Bare lift (instant breast lift)

10. Anti snore nose clip

11. Mini massage vibrator

12. Portable finger toenail dryer

13. Fashion wristwatch

14. Phone Magnifier

15. Tyre Inflator

16. Faucet Tap Water Purifier

17. Manual Blender

18. Kids School Bags

19. kids clothing

20. Facial spot removers

21. Girl’s Hat & Matching Bag

22. Advanced Laser Teeth Whitening Kit

23. Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote Control

24. Instant Weight Loss Tommy Slimming Sauna Belt

25. Bluetooth Earpiece

26. Wonder Patch

27. Sneakers and Canvas

28. Infant Newborn Socks

29. Perfumes

30.Handheld Mini Body Massager

31. Mosquito repellent lamp

32. Cockroach Traps

33. Hair curler

34. Men’s Shoes, Belts, and Sandals.

35. Children’s playmat and toys

36. Wristwatches

37. Car trackers

38. Phone accessories

39. Car accessories, among others.

That is all for now, hope you found this article helpful and interesting. If you have any questions or thoughts on it, feel free to air your views in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones.

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