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10 High Income Skills To Make Money online As A Student

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Making money online as a student is no longer hard as many perceived it to be. The main catalyst here is choosing the right skill, and having vital information on how best to implement those skills.

High Income Skills To Make Money online As A Student

  • Copywriting
  • Affliate Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Proofreading
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Advertising
  • Software Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design

Here are some high-income skills any student ready to make money can try out:

1.    Copywriting

This simply means closing in print. The act of writing creative content which will compel your prospect to buy.

This is not the usual academic writing where you need to be aware of your mechanical accuracy and other Grammatical rules.

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Here you are writing to convince a customer that a product is of great value, and they cannot afford to miss that opportunity.

The art of copywriting is in the ability to influence the buying decisions of the customers.

The scripts for adverts, flyers, billboards, sales pages among others which are intended at driving traffic or generating an audience, are all written by a copywriter.

This is a very nice skill to develop as it ranks among the highest in the scale of profitable businesses.

 2. Affiliate Marketing

Here, all you have to do is to sell the product or service of a company, to earn some commission from the sales.

There are several things you should consider while choosing an affiliate program.

Different affiliate programs have different commissions which they attach to their products.

This means that you can earn about 10% off a single sale in one affiliate program, and then 60% in another.

There are now a variety of affiliate marketing programs one can engage in as a student.

Signing up for affiliate programs is free on some platforms, and monetized on others.

The difference is that the free affiliate programs offer a lower sales commission when compared to the monetized ones.

The paid affiliate programs also pay their affiliates from weeks to months, while free affiliate programs pay between a month to three and sometimes six.

Some affiliate programs that are profitable in Nigeria are Expertnaire, Learnoflix, Jumia, JvZoo, and Shopify.

3.    Content Creation

Content creation can take either written or video graphics Content.

You can become a blogger and create content for websites; you can also create content for video channels like YouTube and Tik Tok.

Content creation stretches between active and passive participation.

An active creator is directly involved in the creation and sharing of content.

The passive creator only gives out written content to the active creator, who now shares it with the media.

Both forms of content creation are money-generating skills.

You must not own a website before you can start writing for websites, also, you must not be always seen in front of the screen before you can create video content on social media pages.

A lot of people are in this business not to make money out of it, but because they are free to express themselves, and do what they love.

For your skill to be viable in Nigeria, you need to be regular in updating your page and content, so that your audience doesn’t get tired of consuming old content.

4. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assisting is one interesting means to begin your financial journey online. To amass wealth in your career and generate income with or without any experience or technological skills.

This job can be regarded as an executive assistant/secretary who operates online.

Virtual assistants are individuals who work with companies and establishments and provide them with some assistance in areas they are needed.

They assist in the completion of administrative tasks for businesses like bookkeeping, customer service support, data entry, social media management, graphics design amongst others.

5. Proofreading

Whether or not you are a grammar nerd who can pinpoint and spot spelling mistakes from a billion miles away, you can still participate in this high in-demand skill.

There are apps and software programs that can assist you in this skill.

These services are high in demand than you might think.

Every quality piece that is published online is mostly proofread. It is the final step to be taken before content can be printed or published for the general public. Documents, manuscripts, blog posts, and even legal contracts are proofread before they are sent out to the second and third parties.

The job of a proofreader is to ensure that a piece of content lacks any form of grammatical careful errors.

This individual ensures that there is consistency, congruency, and accuracy in grammar, spelling, and  punctuation, and also formatting

6.  Social Media Management

If you are a consistent person on social media, why not recreate your interests into a professional business? Nearly all companies in the world need a social media manager to handle their site engagements.

This could be through posting relevant content on the site, building their site community, driving traffic to their site, and converting their followers into customers.

For some persons, social media management is a profession that will come very easily, as you were born as digital natives.

A social media manager often works with scheduled software plans and a content calendar running through posts on social media, across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

The individual also implements strategies to increase the engagement of the brand, drive organic traffic, and ultimately make sales.

7. Paid Advertising

If you have a wide array of audiences on your social media pages, you can make money off your people’s assets.

This area of digital marketing is one where you run internet Ads for the sole aim of driving paid traffic to a website and boosting sales.

Ads like those shown on Google, Instagram, and Facebook are professionally made.

You can customize Ads for businesses and boost them through your media page. To build trust and get clients, you need to show proof that you have an audience that can patronize your clients, and potentially earn them money.

You can build your Contact list and run Ads on your status.

Alternatively, you can run these Ads on Instagram and Facebook, if you have a large fanbase.

To optimize and run Ads that convert, you don’t need to continually spam your audience with sales information.

Sell value to your audience and in that way, they would see the need to get involved in your business.

8. Software Development

Software developers: These are the software engineers, coders, or programmers; which many conceive as hackers and internet fraudsters.

These individuals design a variety of Computer programs and operating systems that we use in everyday life.

The Applications and software that we use in our mobile phones and personal computers are products from individuals in this field.

This is a high-income skill, and there are a lot of niches you can specialize in when entering this business of making money.

You cannot start up this business with residual knowledge, you would need to learn it properly before engaging in it.

However, not everyone can be a software programmer as there is a lot to be learned especially in the coding aspects.

9. Search Engine Optimization

This is commonly known as SEO. It is the process of generating and increasing organic traffic to a website by facilitating the site’s visibility on the search results page of search engines like Google.

The trick here is knowing how best to utilize the right keywords across a website and blog so that it is recognized by Google as a professional or expert community place in that field.

The aim is to make the contents of the website to be displayed at the top of the search result pages.

The tendency to earn more through the site’s engagement is higher if the website or page has high-ranking SEO tools and personnel.

Staying current in the rules and establishments of SEO will be beneficial to any prospective entrepreneur looking to improve their domain authority, as the “rules” of SEO are constantly changing.

10. Graphic Designing

Whether or not you have a talent in artistry, you can engage in this business. All skills can be learned and this is one that any student can try out.

As a beginner, you can start trying out new designs on websites like Canva; from which you start learning how to create professional designs, before moving on to use other graphics tools.

Going through these skills, you would observe, that you do not need years of education or even certifications to get started.

To become a professional and high-selling client in whatever business you choose tallies down to the value-added to the business.

Experience breeds expertise, as you practice more often, you slowly develop into an expert in your career, increasing your charge rate as you evolve.

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