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WAEC Agricultural Practical Questions and Answers 2024

Here is 2024 WAEC AGRICULTURAL PRACTICAL Questions and Answers


(1) Great care should be taken to ensure that the information given below does not reach the candidates either directly or indirectly before the examination.


(2a) The provision of specimens, materials and equipment for the test is your responsibility.

(2bi) Where a specimen is not readily available in sufficient quantity. It should be shared among small groups of candidates.

(2bii) Each candidate should be provided with the following specimens labeled accordingly:

A – Ranging Pole;
B – Arrow;
C – Measuring Tape;
D – Wooden Peg.

  • For specimens E, F and G, you are requested to get some quantity of dry sand, dry clay (ground) and dry loam (ground) respectively.
  • Get three capillary tubes, label each of them E, F and G.
  • Close the lower ends of each of the capillary tubes with a plug of cotton wool.
  • Put the:
    (i) dry sand into the capillary tube labelled E;
    (ii) dry clay (ground) into the capillary tube labelled F;
    (iii) dry loam (ground) into the capillary tube labelled G.
  • Shake or tap the ends of the capillary tubes to make sure that the particles are tightly packed/settled in each of the capillary tubes.
  • Get a water trough and put water in it until it is half full.
  • Set the capillary tubes securely in the trough.
  • Leave the setup to stand for 24 hours before the examination.
    H – Maize Weevil;
    I – Bean beetle;
    J – Grasshopper;
    K – Cotton stainer;
    L – Tilapia (whole and fresh);
    M – Hay;
    N – Fish meal.

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