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40 Engineering companies to work For in Nigeria (2020)

We have numerous engineering companies in Nigeria. Here, we will look at name and list of engineering companies in Nigeria.

There are numerous engineering courses in Nigeria and the council for Regulation Engineering of Nigeria (COREN) is responsible for its approval.

List of engineering courses in Nigeria

  1. Accounting Technology
  2. Agricultural Engineering
  3. Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
  4. Agricultural and Bio-resources Engineering
  5. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  6. Automobile Engineering
  7. Automotive Engineering
  8. Biomedical Engineering
  9. Biotechnology
  10. Chemical Engineering
  11. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
  12. Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering
  13. Civil Engineering
  14. Civil Engineering/Hydrology
  15. Computer and Communication Engineering
  16. Computer Engineering
  17. Computer Science and Engineering
  18. Communication Technology
  19. Communication Technology and Wireless Technology
  20. Electrical Engineering
  21. Electronics Engineering
  22. Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering
  23. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  24. Environmental Engineering
  25. Environmental Technology
  26. Food Engineering
  27. Food Science and Technology
  28. Food Science and Engineering
  29. Gas Engineering
  30. Glass Technology
  31. ICT Engineering
  32. Irrigation Engineering
  33. Industrial Production and Engineering
  34. Industrial Production Engineering
  35. Information and Communication Technology Engineering
  36. Information and Communication Engineering
  37. Information and Communication Technology
  38. Information Technology
  39. Marine Engineering
  40. Materials Engineering
  41. Mechanical Engineering
  42. Mechatronics Engineering
  43. Mechatronics and System Engineering
  44. Mechanical/Production Engineering
  45. Metallurgical and Material Engineering
  46. Metallurgical Engineering
  47. Meteorology
  48. Mining Engineering
  49. Petroleum Engineering
  50. Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  51. Polymer and Textile Engineering
  52. Polymer Engineering
  53. Production Engineering
  54. Shipping and Maritime Technology
  55. Software Engineering
  56. Systems Engineering
  57. Structural Engineering
  58. Transportation and Management Technology
  59. Telecommunication Engineering
  60. Textile Science and Technology
  61. Visual Arts and Technology
  62. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  63. Wood Production Engineering
  64. Wood Products Engineering

So, before you study above listed courses, let’s look at full list of the leading engineering companies in Nigeria.



List and names of IT solution companies in Nigeria

Top 40 engineering companies in Nigeria

  1. Fembosco Engineering Limited
  2. Survicom services Nigeria Limited
  3. Hilander Trading and investment company Ltd
  4. Topman and Dana Services Ltd
  5. Slot Engineering
  6. Mensro Services Ltd
  7. Forlyon Tech Limited
  8. Deltec Engineering Limited
  9. Carlin Concept international Nigeria Limited
  10. Boyus Engineering Nigeria Limited
  11. Prowess Engineering Ltd
  12. Barleyfield Limited
  13. Empee Engineering Ltd
  14. Aron Nigeria Limited
  15. Oat Construction Limited
  16. Monies construction company
  17. Cappa & D’Alberto
  18. ITB
  19. Julius Berger Nigeria Plc
  20. Reynolds Construction Company
  21. Setraco Nigeria limited
  22. China Civil Engineering company Limited
  23. Arab contractor
  24. Saidi Nigeria limited
  25. Dantata and Sawoe Construction company (Nigeria)
  26. Brunelli construction company
  27. Ramcon Electromechanical
  28. Mateng Nigeria Limited
  29. Dandani Integrated Limited
  30. Ardent Energy services Limited
  31. Alpha – Praxis Nigeria Limited
  32. Bickel
  33. Dasco Engineering Industries Nigeria limited
  34. Clintonel Nigeria Ltd
  35. Dorman Long Engineering Limited
  36. Constain West Africa
  37. Adold Engineering Limited
  38. Sanol Engineering
  39. RCF engineering company
  40. FCBS Group Nigeria

Top Ten (10) Civil Engineering companies in Nigeria

1. Julius Berger

Julius Berger Nigeria Limited is a well known construction company in Nigeria.

The company was named after German citizen, Julius Berger. The company has done well in construction of innovative civil infrastructure, some of the notable projects by Julius Berger is construction of popular 3rd mainland bridge, Eko bridge also known as 2nd mainland bridge on Lagos.

The company involved in construction of roads, bridges, stadia and house.

They have office at Lagos and Abuja.

Website: www.julius-berger.com

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2. China Construction Company Limited

The company was established in 1979 and its head office is located in China. According to their website, they established project management headquarters in 89 countries spreading across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. They have completed numerous projects such as railway construction, roads, bridges and housing.

3. Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco Nigeria Limited is one of the big players in roads and bridges in Nigeria. They were founded in 1977 and since then, they’ve been making impacts in road construction.

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Some of their notable projects include Abuja-Keffi dualization, Bomadi Bridge Delta, Alape Bridge Ondo, Idu yard and Maiduguri-Kano Road.

Website: www.setraco.com

4. Reynolds Construction Company

Reynolds Construction company also called RCC Nigeria.

They are into construction of roads, building, quarries and plants.

They’ve reputation both locally and international.

The company is subsidiary of SBI international Holdings AG.

Website: www.rccnigeria.com

5. Constain West Africa

Constain West Africa is a Nigeria is a Nigeria construction company. The company was the first construction company in Nigeria to be incorporated as a private limited company.

The company is well respected for its work on roads, housing and bridges.


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6. Dantata and Sawoe Construction company (Nigeria)

Cantata and Sawoe is one of the leading construction companies in Nigeria. They are a big player in the civil engineering industry.

They have history of completed project projects in railway and housing.

The company chairman is Alhaji Abdulkadir S.A Dantata.

Website: www.dantata-sawoe.com

7. Arab Contractor

Arab contractor is one of the leading construction company in Nigeria.

They form a partnership with the Nigeria government. They have a history of completed projects in both rural and urban areas.

The company was established by Al mokawloon Al Arab in Egypt. The company have international presence in middle east and Africa. In Nigeria, Arab contractor is also known as Arab contractor Nigeria.

8. Empee Construction company

Empee construction company is another civil engineering company in Nigeria with excellent work in road construction and most importantly, borehole drilling.

The company train their engineers very often to ensure they meet up with new standard in the industry. They also recruit well qualify engineers. The company was established in 1977.

9. Prowess Engineering Limited

Prowess engineering limited is one of the early 20’s construction company in Nigeria.

They’ve delivered key projects in private and public sectors. Some of their notable projects include;

  • Conoil operational base in Warri
  • C & S unification prayer camp
  • Adekunle Ajasin sport complex, Akungba, Akoko.

They are known for quality works.

10. Oat Construction company

Oat construction company is also well organised construction company in Nigeria. Their services include;

  • Project Development
  • Real Estate
  • Water treatment

They have history of completed projects with;

  • Mobil
  • Conoil
  • Access Bank


Based on our research, the above listed is the top 40 engineering companies in Nigeria.

Do you have any information for us. Please use the comment box below or use contact us form to reach us.

Thanks for reading.

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