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5 highest paying Information and Technology (IT) Jobs in Nigeria 2020

highest paying Information and Technology (IT) Jobs

In this post, we look at the top 5 highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria.

highest paying Information and Technology (IT) Jobs

It is no more news that IT is another gold mine in Africa particularly in Nigeria.

This is the job that doesn’t really require degree but your skills.


One peculiar thing people like about IT firms is the opportunity they gave to their staff to wear jeans and shirts to office. So far you can deliver, nobody cares what you wear. Does that mean no corporate culture in IT firms? No!. IT firms value their people and culture.

IT firms allow workers to work remotely and get good paychecks every month.

5 highest-paying IT Jobs in Nigeria

  1. Software Developers
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Information security/ Cybersecurity Analyst
  4. Network Engineers
  5. Computer Engineers

Software Developers

They build software used by mobile phones, IPads and Desktop applications.

They are responsible for the development and maintenance of software in an organization.

In Nigeria, they are the highest earners in the information and technology (IT) sector. An entry-level software developer earns between N150,000 to N300,000 monthly. The senior-level software developer is said to earn between N500,000 to N1,000,000.

It takes a lot of time and effort and dedication for a software developer to cross from junior software developer to senior software developer. The person must have contributed to the organization immensely, the person must have either single-handedly built software or built software in collaboration with team members.

Also, they are well paid because companies generate revenue through their skills directly.

University Deals

Now, you see while software developer is the highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst is one of the highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria. They are professionals saddled with the responsibility to analyst raw data or samples in order to come up with the best possible ways, it can be applied to profit a business/ company.

Primary School Deals

A typical entry-level data analyst in Nigeria earns between  N120,000 – N240,000 monthly. The job comes with flexible working hours with attractive allowances. One of the fastest-growing fields in IT is data analytics.

Most times, a degree in computer science, information management, economics, mathematics and statistics makes a better data analyst. The job requires a lot of calculations and methodologies.

That been said, anyone can become Data Analyst provided you master all the required skills and software. Some of the programming tools used by Data Analysts include Python, Power Bi, etc.

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Information Security/ Cyber security Analyst

Companies are spending much to ensure their data and other information are protected. In the event where every company now uses computer systems for their day to day activities and majority of their information stored in the cloud. For the past two years now, the rate of cybercrime has increased by 32% with the forecast for further increased next year. This called for companies to hire cyber/ information security experts.

Cybersecurity Analyst is one of the highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria today. An entry-level cybersecurity analyst earns between N101,000 to N130,000 monthly. Before you can be considered a role in cyber/information security, there are some skills you need to possess such skills to include programming, risk and mitigation analysis, cloud computing among others. In addition, you need to also possess some relevant certification, some of the certification include;

  • Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)
  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  • Others

Computer Engineers

Most times people mixed up computer engineers to be software engineers, especially in Nigeria. Computer engineers are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of computer systems. Computer Engineer is one of the highest paying IT jobs in Nigeria. An entry role IT engineers earns between N100,000 to N180,000.

A degree in computer engineering qualifies you to be a computer engineer expert or to be hired as a computer engineer.

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Network Engineers

Network engineers are one of the highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria. The industry has really evolved over the years. One good thing about IT is the fact that the industry keeps charging, so to stay relevant in information technology, you’ve to be updated at all times. Network engineers in Nigeria still earn pretty well. On a salary survey for engineers, an entry-level network engineer earns between N100,000 to N170,000 monthly.

There are certifications expected of a network engineer these certifications include; Cisco network certifications and Microsoft network certifications.

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Difficulties in getting IT Jobs

The under listed are limitation for getting IT jobs.

High Competition

Since the information and technology (IT) industry is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria many people are rushing to learn programming and other IT skills so as to stay relevant in the IT industry.

Despite the high competition, most skillful individuals are always hired among the multitude of applicants.

Unlike other sectors that hired a lot of people, IT industries don’t hire so many people. This makes the field more competitive.

Lack of certification

This field requires premium price certifications, a close friend few years ago narrated how he used almost a million naira to acquire a single IT certification. Most of the jobs in the IT sector required certification before you can be hired.

If you’re so passionate about the IT sector, you can research available scholarships for Information and Technology here.

Lack of skills

Skill is the most essential requirement to get one of the highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria. So you’ve to learn and relearn to stay relevant in the industry.

Entry-level candidates have to stay several hours on computer system learning before you can get hired.

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On a final note, IT expert’s functions are so important to businesses and companies today. Our top 5 highest paying IT Jobs are based on thorough research, that those not suggest we are one 100 percent correct. We advise you to use this information as a guide whenever you go for an interview or to have an idea about the highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria.

If you’ve any questions, suggestions, or contributions, you can simply comment at the comment box below.


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