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Top 10 Most Competitive Science-related Courses in Nigeria

Most Competitive Science-related Courses

In Nigeria, there are some science-related courses that are most competitive.

Most Competitive Science-related Courses

These are courses every parent in Nigeria wants their children to study. The reason is that there are higher chances of getting a job.

Top 10 Most Competitive Science-related Courses in Nigeria

The following are the most competitive science-related courses in Nigerian universities.

  1. Medicine and Surgery
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Engineering
  4. Architecture
  5. Computer Science
  6. Biochemistry
  7. Nursing/Nursing Science
  8. Civil Engineering
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Petroleum Engineering


It is a course in the country today that almost every science student in secondary school loves to study in universities.

In fact, every parent in Nigeria would be so proud to see their children making such a choice. It has made the application for admission every year by prospective students to be large.

Studying such courses is also high in demand because the job as a medical doctor is almost guaranteed.

Being a very competitive course, gaining admission to study medicine requires a prospective student to score high in JAMB/ UTME.


Pharmacy is another competitive medical course. It is a respected course because you can start up your own as a pharmacist.

However, there are well paid jobs after graduating from the university.

Its competitiveness makes the score mark in JAMB to be high.

University Deals

So prospective students have to read very well before gaining admission and after to graduate with good grades.


It is a branch of engineering that deals with chemical production and the manufacture of products through chemical processes.

Primary School Deals

It includes designing equipment systems and processes for refining raw materials and for mixing compounding and processing chemicals to make valuable products.

There are excellent opportunities for chemical engineering graduates with good earnings. That makes it a very competitive science course in Nigeria. They can work in certain industries like oil contracting, manufacturing, health care, food processing, environmental health, etc.


It is a field of engineering associated with the activities that has to do with production of hydrocarbons. The end result can be either crude oil or natural gas.

It is risky in nature. But it can be rewarding because working in oil and gas industry is much more lucrative.


Mechanical Engineers analyse their work utilising the standards of movement, vitality, and power guaranteeing that structures work securely effectively and dependably all at a service expense.

The present and future of the world lie upon mechanical engineers. They are needed in automobile cars, aviation, hardware, biotechnology, etc.


It is the investigation of hardware, electromagnetism, and the utilization of power. Electrical engineers are required because the items they create are utilized in medicine, gaming, mobile phones, applications, vehicles, and routes frameworks.

Mechanical Engineers can work in labs and any enterprises. Almost everything that characterized present-day development is committed to electrical engineering.


It is a competitive science course to study in Nigerian Universities. Most science students who wish to work for building and construction firms undertake such courses.

A degree in civil engineering opens the door to job opportunities since the nation is growing regularly and more structures are needed. And this is the job of civil engineers to make open structural and ecological well-being by ejecting structures and frameworks.


Every day houses are built. Everyone wants to have their own home. And it is the job of an architect to design and construct the building.

So it is highly competitive and you can establish your own business.


Since the invention of computers and technology in the world. Computer science has become a competitive science course in Nigerian universities.

Students are exposed to various aspects of information technology, programming, and coding. Therefore guaranteeing job with lucrative salaries, even setting up your own computer business.


It is a popular course in Nigeria. Its competitiveness is as a result of many applications by prospective students.and it is competitive in nature because of the massive application to study it every year by prospective students.

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes that occur in living organisms. It is in relation to medicine and surgery.

A Biochemist can work in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, breweries, food processing, medical research facilities, textile industries, paint production, or anywhere their services are needed.


Someone once told me that his female child must study nursing at the university. His reason is because of the great opportunities that come after graduation. To him, it is the opportunity of being your own boss. People fall sick every day, so being a nurse the opportunity is endless. So his words are true because nursing is a sort after course by prospective students.

Graduates can work in different settings like emergency clinics, nursing homes, clinical workplaces, mobile considerations,schools, asylum, etc.


Even though every science-related course is very important. These are some of the courses that are most competitive by prospective secondary school leavers.

Every prospective secondary school leaver is so proud to offer such courses in Nigerian universities.

The most competitive science-related courses are outlined to help prospective students to prepare well and work hard to come out the best.

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