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Tips For Writing Cover Letter for Fresh Graduates


This article focused on tips to write cover letter for fresh graduates.

Cover Letter Fresh Graduates

One of the great challenges of fresh from university/polytechnic graduates is how to write cover letters.

In this article, we’ll give some tips on how to write a compelling cover letter for fresh graduates that can call for an interview.

Don’t let us waste too much time.

Why Do We Write Cover Letters

Recruiters asked for cover letter so as to know more about the candidate and hire the best candidate.

That means when next you’re writing a cover letter as a fresh graduate, consider writing something that’s not in your curriculum Vitae that you want recruiter’s to know.

Approach for Writing Cover Letter

There two approach for writing cover letter.

  1. Attached copy approach
  2. Direct Mailing approach

Attached copy approach 

This is when you need to type your cover letter in a word document and attached a copy to your mail before sending it. This approach also includes sending a hard copy of your cover letter to your prospective employer. Please note that the cover letter must not be more than one A4 page.

You’re expected to include the following under this approach;

  1. Save the document with your full name, if you’re sending the hard copy and ensure you envelop it and the envelope contain your full name and recipient address.
  2. Write your full address at the top of the page, the placement depends on the format and template you preferred to use. But I will advise at the top center of the page because this is a modern-day format. Don’t forget to write the address of the recipient at the left-hand corner of the page.
  3. Include salutation and greetings such as Dear Ms. Joy or Dear Joy. In case you don’t know the name of the recipient you can write Dear recruiter, or Dear engineering department, or Dear human resources Manager.
  4. Write the subject of the letter, for example, ‘APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF DATA ANALYST‘. This should be center align and all capitalized. When you capitalized, you don’t need to underline, you only underline in case you don’t capitalize.
  5. Write three to four paragraphs. Don’t make it too lengthy, don’t forget that the recruiting team has to read many application letters or cover letter like this. Here is the main deal, ensure you say something unique, like what you’ve done in the past, maybe during your undergraduate, internship, and values you intend to contribute to the organisation. 
  6. End your write up with ‘Yours faithfully’. Sign or append your signature to make it unique and formal. Include your name.

Direct Mailing approach

This approach lets you send your cover letter as a plain text. Here you don’t need to attach any document, you don’t need to also add your address. In the subject area, just input the title of the role you’re applying for and your name in bracket.

You don’t need to append signature in this type of cover letter too.

In this approach, you’ve to make your cover letter as simple and short as possible. There’s no need for address as your CV is already carrying your address and since it’s going directly into recipient mail, there’s no need for the recipient address.

Below are the list of what you’re expected to include:

  1. Salutation: Dear Mr. Johnson, Dear Johnson if you’ve done your research and the company is free to accept that, or in case you don’t know the name of the recipient, just input Dear Hiring Manager or Dear recruiter. 
  2. A first paragraph introducing your interest and where you got to know about the role.
  3. The second paragraph should explain your skills both soft and hard skill and what you’ve done in the past.
  4. The third paragraph should explain the value you intend to add to the team and the company.
  5. The fourth paragraph should summarize everything and bring everything to conclusion.

Few Tips and Mistakes to Avoid when writing cover letter

  • Ensure you proofread your cover letter before the final submission. As the case may be, find someone to help you to proofread before final submission.
  • Don’t use ambiguous language. Write simple English language recruiter would not need to look for a dictionary before he/she can understand.
  • Try and use an analytical approach while writing, put in figures, this will authenticate your past records. 
  • Use action words and be concise. 
  • Talk outside your Resume/ CV.


We hope these tips will help you to draft a better cover letter for the next job vacancy as fresh graduates.

We also believe experience job seekers too learned something through this post.

Do you find this article helpful?

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We wish you the best in your job search.

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