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Software Engineers salary structure in Nigeria (2020)

Software Engineers salary structure
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This post is all about software engineers salary structure in Nigeria.

Software Engineers salary structure

You’ll agree with me that software engineers are really hitting it big in Nigeria and all over the world today.

As a matter of fact, many people are rushing to become a software engineer.

A career path in software engineering means a lot to many people that they really want to know the salary structure of a software engineer.

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I can tell you that the basic salary for software engineers in Nigeria is not that much, in fact, if you ask some of our politicians their salary they will vividly tell you as low as N50,000 to N100,000. Yes!, it can be that low but the allowances accumulated makes the salary very big.

Software engineers salary in Nigeria is somehow competitive so to say.

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Software Engineers Salary Structure in Nigeria

1. Entry Level software engineers salary structure

Entry-level software engineers’ salary structure depends on industries and organization standards. You’ll agree with me that startup business might not be able to stand what multinational and well-established business can offer. So for the purpose of this article, I’ll categorize industry as BigGeek, medium and small enterprises.

For Small Enterprises: The entry-level salary of software engineers ranges from N80,000 to N120,000

For Medium Enterprises: The entry-level salary of software engineers in medium enterprises ranges from N100,000 to N150,000 monthly.

For BigGeek Enterprises: These firms have something big to offer. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that only a well-pronounced firm is in this category. The salary range for an entry-level software engineer in a BigGeek firm ranges from N150,000 to N300,000 monthly.

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2. Lead Associate Software Engineers Salary Structure

This category of software Software is middle-level software engineers. They  hold the following position:

  • Technical Lead engineer
  • Quality Assurance Lead/Specialist
  • Technology Analyst
  • Senior Software specialist

The lead pay for lead associate software engineers depends on companies by which they work with. Just our previous categories. Let’s look at the software engineers’ salary structure for lead associate level engineers.

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For small Enterprises: The medium level or lead associate Software engineer’s salary in small enterprises ranges from N150,000 to N200,000 monthly.

For Medium Enterprises: These types of companies value there staff’s welfare so they provide them every necessary incentive to make them work better. The salary range for medium-level engineers in medium-size enterprises ranges from N180,000 to N250,000.

BigGeek Enterprises: These kinds of firms are well to do and they expected much from their staff. For salary range for medium-level software engineers in a Big firm ranges from N200,000 to N300,000

3. Managers and Directors Software Engineers

These categories of people hold a managerial position of a firm as a software developer. They must have channeled their energy towards company growth and development or gathered a lot of experience to earn this position.

Without wasting so much of your time, let’s go straight to categories of companies and how they pay managerial position software developers.

For Small Enterprises: small enterprises’ capacity for salary payment varies. When we interview one of the software developer managers in small enterprise, He said “he earns as low as N130,000”. We find it hard to come to a conclusion, how much big firms pay managerial position of a software developer in small enterprises. We find it hard as the writer of this article has not been an interview or hold any managerial software developer position.

For Medium size Enterprises: Based on our sampling and research, medium-size enterprises pay a software developer in a managerial role as high as N300,000 to N400,000 monthly.

For BigGeek Enterprises: As said earlier, the writer of this article hasn’t held or attend a managerial role interview before, so this writing here is based on sampling. A big firm pays up to N400,000 to N600,000 monthly.

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The software engineers’ salary structure in Nigeria was writing based on the writer’s experience. The claim might not 100% correct but this will serve as a guide in negotiating a benefiting salary in your next interview.

We have identified that employee finds it difficult to answer what’s your salary expectation based on a specific role. So this the reason we have compiled the salary structure of software engineers in Nigeria.

Please share your thought, experience and views with us at the comment box below.

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