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List of Items To Take To NYSC Orientation Camp

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In this article you’ll find list of personal items and registration items needed for NYSC orientation Camp.

Please read all the needed items for NYSC orientation camp

Personal Items You Should Take To NYSC Camp

Things listed below are not compulsorily needed in NYSC camp but they are essential for personal comforts. If you want to enjoy NYSC camp, consider going to camp with things listed below;

  1. White round-necked T-shirts
    This outfit is worn every day throughout the 21-days stay in the NYSC camp. NYSC will give you only 2, but these two are of poor quality and may not size you. Also, you may not enjoy wearing only 2 shirts for 3 weeks in the camp that you will stay in camp.
  2. White Shorts
    NYSC will also give you 2 pairs of shorts, but poor quality and may not size you. You need like extra pairs so as not to be stranded if it tears.
  3. White tennis Shoes & White Socks
    NYSC will provide this, but you should get an extra one pair for yourself.
  4. Tea or beverages
    This is very important for those who would not like the camp watery tea. Some people collect camp tea and then add some spoons from their tea to make it tick.
  5. Toiletries
    Antiseptics, insecticides, towel, sanitary pads, pampas, etc. These are essential to help protect you from infections and skin infections.
  6. Mosquitoes Net is very important in NYSC camp
    This is very important, I know you wouldn’t like to go to the camp and fall sick. Mosquitoes net will protect you from mosquitoes and other camp insects. Take one net with you and rope to tie it to your bunk.
  7. You need Some cash in NYSC camp
    You need to go to the camp with some cash, there are too many things that cost money in the camp. Things like food, charging phones, taking pictures, laundries, etc.

Also, go with at least N20,000, and also with your ATM card, because there are ATMs in some camp.

  1. Torchlight in NYSC camp
    Don’t say you will use your phone touch! Torchlight is important; make sure you buy rechargeable ones.
  2. You will need Waist Pouch in NYSC camp
    Waste bag or pouch is essential. This will serve as your money keeper, and also as a locker for important items such as phones, money, ID card, keys, ATM cards, and more.
  3. Padlocks are Important in NYSC camp
    You need a padlock to lock your boxes and bags to prevent camp thieves from gaining access to your properties.
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Many people lose many valuable things to the NYSC camp thieves. I know you wouldn’t want to fall a victim.

  1. Your Phone and Power Bank
    This is important for communication. If you don’t have a power bank or cell phone, please get one.
  2. Other Essential Things Needed in NYSC camp
    You can buy other things like bedsheets, pillow, bucket and other big things from mammy market (camp market) to avoid overloading yourself. You can also check the list of things not allowed in NYSC camp.

Items Needed for Registartion at NYSC camp

  1. Final year ID card
    You need to go with the original and two (2) photocopies. To get a ‘final year ID card’, go to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school, and a request for one. NYSC also accepts School ID Card instead of final year ID card. But will not accept departmental ID card.
  2. Statement of result (B. SC or HND)
    You need to go with the original and four (4) photocopies of your Degree or HND statement of result. If you have the original certificate itself, better. But if you don’t, just go with the statement of result.

If you do not have your statement of result, do not go to the NYSC camp. For foreign-trained graduates, you must present the original certificate itself.

Besides that, persons who graduated from Polytechnic within Nigeria should go with both ND and HND statement of results.

Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Optometrists or other medical professions, should go to the camp along with the original of registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of houseman-ship or internship.

  1. NYSC Call-up letter
    Never forget your call-up letter! You need to go with the original and four (4) photocopies. NYSC will send this letter to you a few days after online registration.

Please, DO NOT laminate your call-up letter because NYSC will reject a laminated copy.

  1. NYSC Green card
    Please, do not forget your Green Card. Go with the original and four (4) photocopies. Green Card is the online print-out slip after NYSC online registration. Also, Do NOT laminate it!

Note: the Green Card and call-up letter are to be printed out in coloured.

  1. Recent passport photograph
    Please, go with eight (8) copies. The background colour should be white or off-white. Don’t listen to anyone that says you should go with over eight copies.
  2. Medical Certificate of Fitness
    Go with two (2) copies of a medical certificate of fitness got from any government hospital or military clinic in Nigeria.
  3. Uploaded Documents
    Foreign-trained graduates should go to the camp with the original of all documents they uploaded during online registration.

If there is any changes on NYSC Compulsory Requirements for 2021 orientation programme we’d let you know.

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