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Information and Technology (IT) Jobs in Nigeria (2020)

Information-and-Technology IT Jobs in Nigeria 2020

There numerous information and Technology (IT) jobs in Nigeria. In this post, you will find answers to your questions.

Information-and-Technology IT Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Nigeria is fast developing in information and technology. We also have a number of renowned information and technology experts and companies in Nigeria. Finding IT jobs is no more an issue besides, there are opportunities to become an entrepreneur just like Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, and Larry Page, the chief executive officer at Google.

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Available IT Job positions in Nigeria

You may fit into any of these careers:

Computer, ATM, and Office Machine Repairers

This is a doting career path for those that like repairing. Computer repairers are hot cakes in Nigeria today. You can be well-established computer repairers, companies and individuals are seeking for computer repairers at all times.

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Computer and Information System Managers

Computer and information system managers are the ones with high pay salary cut every month. They function in different areas such as information system managers and IT security managers. Their jobs are more important as companies are aware of cyber atrocities across the globe and they are looking for experts in information system managers.

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Computer Hardware Engineers

Recently, more people are focusing on software development and web development neglecting the fact that engines will power this software. Computers hardware engines are builders and repairers. They help us to develop computer hardware that powers our software. There are jobs available for computer hardware repairers.

Computer System Administrator

In Nigeria, sometimes it’s very difficult to differentiate between computer system analysts and computer system administrators, companies expect an average IT man to possess all these skills. Computer system administrators oversee IT infrastructure systems including networking, resolving software, and hardware issues through troubleshooting.

University Deals

Computer System Analyst

Almost all the organization you see today has one or two computer systems. It is the duty of computer systems analysts to ensure these computers function efficiently and effectively. They monitor the performance of computer systems in an organisation.

Database Administrators

Every company needs a database to monitor performance and also determine client experience with their products. There are a lot of job openings for database administrators in Nigeria. Database Administrators help in the design and implementation of the database.

Primary School Deals

Graphic Designers

There are both online and offline job openings for graphic designers in Nigeria. You can leverage on this skill and begin to make a living through freelance jobs or you apply for graphic jobs here.

Information Security Analysts

Every company needs to protect the client and their brand information. This brought the need for an information security analyst, this job requires experts to always be updated with the latest trends.

Web Developers

This skill is fast rewarding. Web developers are essential knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is another type of job you can do both online and offline.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Video ads producers and animators are one of the highest earners in Nigeria. They work both offline and online. Smart animators use computer and smartphone apps to create their animations.

Software Developers

Mobile and computer software developers are earning well too. This is the skill you can acquire online or at the comfort of your home. You can as well build apps and sell to the world.

IT Jobs recruitment requirements

If you’re considering a role in IT the following certification will be required.

Though, most IT companies don’t recruit based on certification but what you can do.

  • Degree certificate in computer science and other related IT courses
  • Professional certifications

Top 5 IT jobs recruitment portal

Google Nigeria: Google always post their list of vacancies in this section. If you desire to work at Google Nigeria, keep on checking the portal below or subscribe to our notification to keep you posted about latest vacancies.


Andela Nigeria: They recruit from time to time. This is a great place to start career especially for software developers. Andela job positions ranges from entry level to senior management positions. Latest vacancies are always posted in this portal.


Microsoft Nigeria: This is one of the great international company to work with. If you solely desire to work with Microsoft, keep checking this portal or subscribe to our newsletter as we keep you posted on Microsoft jobs.


Tek experts: They hire work at home staffs, if you’re considering a work with Tek Expert, try and bookmark this page and always visit portal below.


Flexi Group: FPG technologies is one of the subsidiaries of Flexi Group, they recruits IT expert too, you can check out their recruitment portal here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best IT job or in-demand job in Nigeria?

Software developers is the best IT job in Nigeria.

Is coding same thing as Programming?

No. Coding is writing a few lines of program codes while programming involves implementation and execution of codes writing with machines without errors. Programming is a broader look of coding.

Is a software developer the same as a web developer?

No. Software developers focused on software’s running on both computer and mobile devices while web developers focused on applications running on the web or the internet.


We might not mention all the available Information and Technology (IT) jobs in Nigeria. This will only serve as a guide.

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