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How to Write Winning Scholarship Essays in Nigeria 2020

Scholarship Essays in Nigeria
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This post is all about writing winning scholarship essays in Nigeria.

Scholarship Essays in Nigeria

I am motivated by the scholarship tips I’ve written leading to testimonies. Moreso, I’ve reviewed different types of essays for grants; Let me note that, more attention is paid to how you translate your concepts and ambitions into words.

Many even asked me about scholarship essays samples and template.

I will focus on how to write a winning essay scholarship in Nigeria and my target is not only for admission.

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Key Factors for Winning Scholarship Essays in Nigeria

1.Factor the key catalogs for assessment

How would you be able to convert your ideas to words if you don’t even know the key catalogs for the assessment? You’ve much thought, quite all right, but not all your thought is needed for each scholarship essay.

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However, writing winning scholarship essays requires you to master the key assessment factor.

Each essay required different approach and assessment catalogs. Your must be able to deduce what your reader used or want to use to assess your write up.

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2. Convince your reader in your write up

I know little do you know that the selection committees are made up of experts; they know when you have not done your best.

Writing winning essay scholarship in Nigeria requires hard work.

Try to do your best to win a space in the heart of your readers or examiners. Don’t just write and submit your essays to the committee of professors that have done a lot of jobs to earn those title/ titles. You’re expected to research thoroughly to come up with ideas, write up and plans that really market you.

You’re like a marketer trying to sell products, you must do everything within your capacity to convince your reader.

Now take your time to study, research, and consult other colleagues, don’t just write base on your own understanding, seek for people’s opinions, and ensure your write up answers all questions. Writing a winning scholarship essay in Nigeria can be difficult. Yes…It is!

Don’t just rush and submit within a day or 3days. Take your time to do research, edit and review for like six to five months before final submission.

 3. Be delighted but maintain rectitude

Be delighted with your previous achievements. I was a victim during my early job search as modesty is my core value so, to talk about my past achievements during interviews was a problem. If you want to write a winning scholarship essay in Nigeria, please be delighted but maintain decency.

You’re not the best student in your class, Yes…That’s not a barrier! There are countless people that have won a scholarship or essay competitions without been the best student.

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Tell those key points that you won early in life, you’re the senior prefect of your school in primary school, you have the utmost record of going to school on time. What of departmental award giving to you free of charge or you even pay for it. Tell them about it. But those say you pay for it…wink!

Instead of grumbling about how you graduated with third class, instead tell them this, “In spite of ostensibly obligatory challenges, my determination for influence caused me to graduate with 65% overall; I forced further to obtain more than 4 awards in my department.

Take your time and reflect on the things you have. Write about the values you’ve added to your community. Your greatest vision in life.

Sometimes, when people share their vision with me, I always think and rethink about how challenges draw a lot of people back. Don’t die with your dream, tell it!  The great depiction is extra essential !!

4. Present your Ideas with Figures

People with high intelligent quotient (IQ) love figures. You should be analytic while presenting your ideas. Get data to back up your ideas. Write as an expert; when Mr. Doggy was asked how securing a grant to study Genetics will contribute to his community. Look at his reply “the majority of Nigerians suffer genetic diseases, Therefore I will contribute significantly to my community.

I would rather say ” Reports from NCBI shows that 33% Nigerians suffer from genetic diseases leading to over 20% death annually. The most prevalent genetic disease in Nigeria is sickle cell anemia leading to 15% death annually. It saddened my heart that country so blessed with numerous tools is yet to meet Social Developmental Goals 2020…..This can continue like that until I communicate my ideas and plan to the panel or committee.

The facts, quotes and figures make you an experts in your field.

5. Use standardize Grammar and tone

I believe you know that you can’t even use the same tone and grammar used in writing this article to write winning scholarship essays in Nigeria.

Although the panelist is not there to score you for grammar, I know after scoring the whole point, you wouldn’t want to be dropped due to your careless use of English. This is the reason a thorough revision is required for winning scholarship essays in Nigeria.

So, read books, watch YouTube programmes and Global trends.

You can decide to write for our blog. This is one of the ways to improve your writing skills and improve your competency.

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Writing a winning scholarship essays in Nigeria requires a lot of hard work, research, practices and consistency.

We will like to know your thought or contribution through the comment box below.

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