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How To Write A Cover Letter For Remote Job? Example & Writing Tips

Do you want to work remotely for a company?

If yes then you must write a cover letter that inspires them to hire you, here you will get tips on how to write a remote job cover letter.

Remote jobs or working from home is the new trend in this smart world and is actually great, students and housewives are really benefiting from the remote workspace.


However, writing and submitting a cover letter along with your remote job application is the first step you take to apply for a remote job, a good cover letter can help you stand out from the competition.

When applying for a job where you would be working remotely, it’s possible that you won’t ever get to meet your prospective boss in person.

As a result, your cover letter needs to emphasize your strongest skills, so the employer can get a sense of what they’ll gain from hiring you.

In this guide, we will discuss some very effective tips along with examples to help you write a cover letter for a remote job.

So, let’s get started!

Tips to Write a Cover Letter for Remote Jobs

For a great remote job cover letter, you can follow the below-discussed writing tips:

Demonstrate your personality

In remote jobs, chances are that you may never really meet your prospective employer in person, it’s important that your cover letter conveys a strong sense of who you are.

University Deals

For example, you could begin your introduction by sharing why you’re interested in this particular field.

Use a more conversational tone to reflect your actual voice if the company’s culture is more relaxed.

Primary School Deals

Always be Attractive and Concise
A cover letter should not be more than a page and covering your introduction and all your relevant skills on a page might not be easy.

A good cover letter is always attractive, clear, and error-free and the applicant must follow these parameters if they want the HR team to go through their cover letters.

In this smart world, we have many smart choices like a paraphraser can make your cover letter more appealing and to-the-point.

So, it is considered as the best option to take assistance from online tools like a paraphraser and many others.

Secondly, the font size should be between 10 and 12 points, and any visuals should be avoided.

Employers read a lot of cover letters, so you only have a short amount of time to convey your most impressive skills and experiences.

Many applicants especially those who are writing a cover letter for the first time get confused about an ideal cover letter length, one page is an ideally acceptable length for a cover letter, you can divide one page into three or five paragraphs.

Better to use job-specific terms

It is a better strategy if your remote-job cover letter includes your experience and skills that match job-specific terms.

This way, you can demonstrate that you have read and comprehended the job description thoroughly.

Your cover letter is the employer’s first glimpse into whether or not you’re a good fit for the job, so it’s important to highlight the skills and experience that will make you successful in the position.

Use the recipient’s name
Writing a good cover letter is possible if you follow certain rules like always addressing the recipient by name.

Using impersonal expressions like “To Whom It May Concern” should be avoided.

Seek out the person who will be reviewing your cover letter even if their name isn’t listed in the posting.

If you can’t find their name, at least be clear about who you’re writing to by using a title, such as “Dear Hiring Manager.”

Always spellcheck your cover letter
Last but not least, your cover letter should be flawless, therefore don’t forget to spellcheck it.

It is even better if another person reads it and points out any errors or confusion.

Friends, family, a careers teacher, or a university careers counselor are all good people to ask to check over your cover letter before you send it out.

Be sure your cover letter is error-free by checking it again.

Make sure you use the correct spelling of a company’s name whenever you refer to it.

Likewise, if you list previous employers, be careful to spell their names correctly.

Implementing these tips into your cover letter for a remote job will definitely help you win the position you are applying for.

Let’s move towards the examples for writing cover letters, as we promised.

Example of a Good Cover Letter for Remote Jobs

Oct. 22, 2022
David Joseph

To the HR Manager,

My name is David Joseph and I am writing to apply for the work-from-home position.

I am confident that the breadth and depth of my experience will help you maintain your position as an industry leader.

If given the chance, I’d love to play a role in elevating Apex Creative to the top of its industry.

In addition to my drive and dedication to the job, I also bring extensive experience and success in the industry to the table for your firm.

To give just one example from my time at Hover Technology:

I gathered and evaluated data from over 300 consumer interviews and focus groups to pinpoint areas for enhancement and incorporate participant suggestions.

Managed the entire process of creating a product, from conceptualization to production, working with various departments and groups to get it right.

My other skills are:

I’m confident that my experience and training will be an asset to your team.

Please contact me as soon as possible so we can meet and discuss the opportunities at Apex Creative.

If you’re interested in having me join your team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The resume I’ve attached shows a gap in my work history, which I feel I should explain.

At that point, I decided to resume my education. My outlook on life and work were both enriched by this experience, and I picked up some useful skills along the way.

David Joseph

Why a Cover Letter for a Remote Job is Important?

A cover letter for a remote job is important because it introduces you to prospective employers and details why you want to work for them in this capacity.

This letter is an overview or summary of your experience and skills that you can present to potential employers.

Cover letters for remote positions are an excellent way to demonstrate your character and give hiring managers a glimpse into who you are as a person beyond what is presented in your resume.


Your struggle for writing a cover letter for a remote job can finally end at this post, we have discussed a few writing tips that will help you compose your great cover letter and will help you impress the HR team to hire you for your ideal remote job.

Also, for a practical demonstration, we have composed an example of a cover letter.

You can take help from the demo or at least check the example once before you start writing your cover letter.

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