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How To Identify Interview Scammers In Lagos State

“Don’t talk to any interviewee, don’t press your phone, don’t ask yourself questions, etc”. These are signs of organized and corporate job scammers in Lagos State. Below is How To Identify Interview Scammers In Lagos State.

As 2019 is rounding off, and 2020 is approaching. One of the new year resolutions would be to get a new job.

There have being many tales or stories about scammers or fraudsters in the business of job seeking in Lagos State.


However, this article is to highlight ways of easily identifying this job interview scammers.

They are so organised that anybody can become a victim to such, because an average Nigeria is looking for a job or a beta means of living.


Firstly, it is packed with a lot of trainings and lectures. So many motivational speakers to brainwash you. Consuming time with their elicit, idiotic, nonsensical trainings and lectures. Don’t be carry away with the authentic information being released. It only show their level of intelligence and lot of research work been done. If only such intelligence can be channelled to a better and positive way.

Secondly, the set of people look hungry but package themselves with designer clothes and shoes to deceive you. They rent nice building in any part of Lagos State. At this juncture I would mention the name of the human resource company, Brymedot human resource company.

Thirdly, they heap insults on you. During their lectures or talks by so called motivational speakers, they will directly insult you. They pretend to be nonsense individual in their words and actions.

Fourthly, at the end,you will be ask to pay an amount to get the job.

They are so organised that it will be difficult to identify them as scammers. Please dear readers be warned. There are organised and corporate job interview scammers everywhere in Lagos State.

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Whenever you go for an interview, be vigilant. Watch your surroundings, always inform your parents/ guardian about your movement.

Also, never pay a dime for any job, any interviewer that asked you to pay must be a scammer. This is a way to identify job scammers in Lagos State.

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Best of luck.

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