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How to Get a scholarship in Canada For International Students

Canada is a country that offers great funding opportunities to international students but most people are not aware of the scholarship in Canada and funding opportunities there.

Every admitted graduate students for MSc and PhD get automatic funding via a fellowship, scholarship or research assistantship from their supervisors.

The funding ranges from 15,000 dollars to 24,000 per year.


However, if there are no funding available applicants wonts be admitted. 

Eligibility Criteria

Canadian universities only admit applicants who graduated with second class upper nd first class.

During your first year of Msc if you have a first class result (3.5 of 4.00). You will be promoted to PhD based on approval by your supervisor and faculty of graduate school.

All applicants have to pay an application fee ranging from 50 to 120 dollars depending on your choice of school.


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It takes up to three (3) months to get admission offer letter after application. Some offer letter comes with scholarship in Canada or funding.

University Deals

There is a need to secure a potential supervisors before applying.  This is the most difficult part of it because lecturers won’t even acknowledge your mail.

However you must be creative in writing your mail and attach a copy of your CV and transcript.

Primary School Deals

Types of MSC in Canada

It is also important to tell you that there are two types of Msc program  in Canada. 

  1. Thesis based
  2. Course based

Thesis based is for two years while course based are usually for 1 year..

You do not need to seek supervisor If you’re applying for course based course.

Interestingly, some Msc thesis-based don’t require you to secure a potential supervisor before application they would automatically give you one after application.


It is even important to let you know that if you secured funding, it would be paid every two weeks while some scholarship in Canada, fund less than 6,000 dollars are paid once.

Application criteria

Canadian university will require you to upload an unofficial scanned copy of your transcript while you request that your host university send the official hard copy by post mail using courier services such as FEDEX, DHL, etc.

How to pay for Application fee

The application fee can not be waved. It is paid immediately when trying to submit your application. You can pay through your ATM card or through a PayPal account.

In addition, the application fee is only waved for some least developed country of which Nigeria is not part of it. You can find out about the application fee waiver on the school website.

Please be sure of the funding cost before applying to Canadian universities as funding cost varies according to universities. Some funding is automatic while you need to apply for some.

Time of Application

Most applications start in September, May, and January every year but it is important to apply nine (9)months to start your course of study.

Test of English

Most Canadian universities required applicants to have proof of English certification such as TOEFL but the most time attestation letter from your undergraduate university will cover.

Application Deadline

The application deadline are usually stated on the departmental websites.

Recommendation Letter

You will need three lecturers from your undergraduate department or faculty. After filling the form, it will automatically be sent to their institutional mails you filled in your application. They fill it and return.

Some Funding Universities in Canada

University of Alberta: Most generous with funding up to 24,000canadian dollars.

University of Toronto: Grant graduate student funding that covers tuition plus 15,000 or first year.

University of Saskatchewan: You can pay for funding after arrival at the university.

University of Manitoba: You will need to apply for a scholarship after admission not automatic.

Memorial University: Grant good funding and they have the lowest tuition fee in Canada.


Finally, if you finish your program in Canada,  you will be eligible for a post-graduation work permit for about 1 to 3 years.

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