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How To Get Jobs In Dubai From Nigeria Easily


This article contains information on how to get jobs in Dubai from Nigeria.

Great news guys!

There are so many thousands and thousands of jobs in Dubai waiting to be filled up. Best still, UAE doesn’t have the workforce to fill them up hence, they are always searching for a good fit for different job skills across the world. That might just be you!

As a Nigerian, you might feel you have less chance of getting jobs abroad due to the stigma certain Nigerians have painted on the country name but I can bet you, with the UAE, you’re going to be just fine.

I know this because I have lots of friends who have relocated to the UAE and they are working and doing fine now.

Yes, throw all the doubts in the thrash and work me here.

If you have those skills and want to use them in Dubai, you can and will get a job there.

Let’s dive right into what you need to do to achieve your goals.

The Job

First things first, what kind of job do you want? Do you have a certain skill you think is sellable in Dubai? Are you going as a skilled or unskilled worker?

Yes, jobs are many but you do have to consider first what you would be doing there since that ultimately decides how robust your paycheck would be and your living conditions.

So far, the most lucrative jobs according to a study include but are not limited to the following;

  • IT
  • Marketing/Business Development
  • Procurement
  • Tourism
  • Engineering/Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Legal

Work on your CV and online presence

To land a job in Dubai, you must have a professionally written, attractive CV and a great online presence.

Your CV is the first impression your potential employer sees about you long before you are selected for the job and believe me, you want that impression to be good. If it isn’t, it obviously would be the last impression.

You need your CV to carry keywords that highlight exactly the kinds of jobs you are going for, for it to pass the popular screening software, ATS(Applicant tracking system) and for it to impress the employer when it gets to him/her.

You also need a strong online presence especially on Linkedin where employers sometimes go to search for applicants.

Also, make sure your social media does not have unscrupulous content as it is not uncommon for potential employers to google the name of applicants and see their social media activities.

 Fortunately for you, Career Acada helps to do professional CV revamps and Linkedin optimization to enable employers of your industry to see you ahead of others.
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Getting The Job

With the advent of the internet, virtually everything has become easy. You can get access to the right information on how to position yourself to be found and you can even apply and get jobs online without leaving the comfort of your home.

Want to hear something more exciting?
Especially due to the Covid-19 spread in the past couple of months, you could even work from the comfort of your home despite the physical company being in Dubai. That depends largely on your skills and its ability to be used remotely though. But this article is primarily directed to those with the intent of relocating.
Where can you apply?

Check out the sites listed below

You could also apply through recruiting agencies otherwise known as headhunters as it is common for Dubai businesses to get their workforce via this means.

You could check out any of the following;

Be careful if you decide to work with agencies though.

Watch out for those that collect their commissions from the employers rather than from you.

I believe it goes without saying that you should beware of scammers.

Get an Education

Once you have decided on what to do and gotten a job, the next step is to learn as much as you can about their work and travel requirements, about their laws, and how they apply to you. Don’t worry about that, Career Acada has done generic research for you.

While you’re working on work VISA, you can start moving process by submitting your medical records, copies of your passport, Photo, job offer, and VISA application to the Department of Health and Medical Services.

You’ll also need a labour card which means you’ll send your passport photo, employment contract, entry
VISA, medical records, and your employer’s labour license to the ministry of labour.

Finally, you’ll need a residence VISA which would be issued by Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

For that, you’ll need to go in person to fill some forms. You would need to go with your passport, health certificate, original entry permit, passport photos, a copy of your labour card, and the receipt from your labour card processing.

And voila! With your work VISA, health card, labour card, and residence VISA on hand, you’re all set to start working in Dubai.


Both before and after you get the job, try to connect with those who work in your industry or dream company in Dubai.

They can always help you get a feel of the place even when you’re to move there.

You can easily do this on Linkedin and Twitter. Yes! Twitter is a great tool to connect with those that seem unreachable to you including CEOs and directors of various organisations.

You can always leverage this to your advantage.

Be patient

Several of these processes take time. And regardless of where you are searching for a job, it takes some time to get what you want.

Despite how much they need staff, their hiring sometimes is seasonal and they might reduce many activities during festive periods like Ramandan.

My final advice to you would be to keep on trying. Do not give up easily if it seems to take longer than you expect. In all, I wish you SUCCESS IN GETTING A JOB IN DUBAI!

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