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How to get e Naira in Nigeria

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eNaira is a digital currency that utilises block chain technology. It is issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and has the same value as the fiat Naira. It is guarantees secure, faster and more convenient  transactions.

The objectives of eNaira  is to:

  • Aid financial inclusion
  • Improve payment efficiency
  • Improve revenue and tax collection, targeted social interventions
  • Diaspora payment

How to Get E Naira

You can get the e naira note by downloading the e-Naira app from google store place or apple. The name of the the e naira app is called “Speed”.

After downloading the app, you may be asked to verify your identity by entering your password or by using Touch ID or Face ID.

  • Go to Google play store
  • Search for the Speed wallet or go through alternative route, go to my my library
  • Click on install app and download the App
  • Click to open the App
  • You’ll be asked about verification details such as your name, mobile number, BVN and email address.
  • Thereafter, you’ll be asked to activate your details through your email.
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After fulfilling the above steps, you can now fund your wallet through your Bank account.

Money in your “speed” wallet is your e naira note.

You can now use your e naira note anywhere.

How to Resolve Failed eNaira Transactions

In the case of any failed transaction, users are advised reach out to the customer support of the bank selected during the registration for eNaira. For quick resolution of failed transactions reach out to the bank’s available channels such as phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

For issues not resolved after 48 hours, customers should send an email to CBN’s eNaira Customer Support via helpdesk@enaira.com

Visit the eNaira website www.enaira.com for further details on the currency.

We welcome discussion in the comment section for other useful tips about the eNaira.

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