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How to Build a Strong Academic Foundation for a Successful Future

build a strong academic foundation
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I wouldn’t want us to be ignorant of this topic, “how to build a strong academic foundation for a successful future” because it has been taught by different individuals from a different perspective base on individual understanding and probably how it has worked for them.

build a strong academic foundation

Before I go deep into the subject matter, I would love to prepare our mind in order to host and able to digest what you will be seeing in this write up very soon.

Every written material is a word communication of life practical experiences.

Anything I shall be telling you here is a practical experience of my life which has worked for me and it’s still working for me provided success is my utmost goal.

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It will please me to tell you without apology that the phase of the new world we are today is the phase of the Academic /Education world and for you to excel and make wave uniquely in any endeavour both in ministry, business, etc you must have a very solid academic foundation.

Are you a student bedeviled with frustration erupting from failure in your studies despite your studious effort? Or are you an already successful student but still searching for a way to keep firm from falling from the top? Oh! If this is your question, congratulations because I shall be showing ways and how you can restructure your academic life for a better tomorrow.

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The worst thing a parent can do to his children or an individual can do to himself is to deny himself of Academic training, and if you  Are privileged to fall among those in the system already, congratulations, because your future definitely must be a coloured one if only you can adhere to bits of every key that will be shared here.

A Foundation is an erected and constructed wall that firmly holds a building. so there can not be a building without a foundation, but what matters is the nature of foundation upon which a house is built upon. You can’t build a house on an ordinary ground and not expect it to fall within a short while by the force of whirlwind or other natural disasters.

The foundation of a house is the measuring tool for the longevity of the building. I’m making this analogy for you to clearly understand the full content of this context.

No student wants to fail, I repeat, there is no student who derives pleasure from failing but the issue is; not all student who are ready to pay the price for succeeding, yet wants to succeed academically.

There is a law of nature that states “Life gives you what you give to it “. Anything you sow into a life that is exactly what life will return to you, there is no magic about that, it is real.

The foundation you build your studies will eventually determine the life span of your studies.

Let me break it down, as you all know, it is not all that enrol into the same class that ends up graduating, along the line, some will be withdrawn may be as the result of low point that couldn’t measure up to the standard and required point of the institutions, some might end up spilling that is additional year or years, note: all enter the same date, day and year but with a different date, day and year but some the same year still, all of it depends on the person.

Someone might ask, how then can I build a strong foundation for a successful academic? Here is the answer.

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How to build a strong academic foundation for a successful future

Below are few practical ways to build a strong academic foundation for a successful future.

1. Determination

Determination is the first key to building a life of success in any endeavour, no one becomes great with just work alone, you must develop a strong desire to succeed.

2. Focus

Focus is a straightforward gaze or eyesight. Nothing on earth is achievable without the key to focus. Focus tells you, although it is difficult, yet I can still make it.

People who make it big in life are people of focus, no myopic eyesight can achieve better in life.

As a student, your number one goal of achievement is your academic, and you must do all to pay your attention to it, never to be distracted until that which you expect is achieved. In a simple word “focus is a continued gaze on a project amidst distractions”.

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3. Peer group influence

There is a saying that states: you are exactly your friend, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.

You can’t tell me you make friend with a dull person and don’t expect to be dull, it is either you influence him or he influence either positively or negatively, one must happen. Follow the company of the brilliants, definitely, you will become one, even the bible says “iron sharpens iron”.

Make up your mind to be selective in friends making, because your friends can determine your future.

4. Openness

If you must succeed most especially academically, then your mind must be open to knowledge at all times at different levels. Those who must succeed and make mark academically must stretch their mind beyond the field of their studies, that’s how we know an intelligent student, you must be versatile in all areas.

5. Early preparation

There is a saying that states: “early preparation prevents poor performance”. If you must not perform poor in a section semester then you must make up your mind to begin your studies immediately the lectures starts, waiting to study during tests and exam is practical to prove of failure waiting to happen.

As a matter of fact for you to deliver much in an examination, you must have much in your upstairs, and only one day can’t be enough to commit the whole contents into your brain, and so steady practice must be done on daily bases, don’t sleep over a topic treated, make sure you glance over a topic treated for that day.

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I hope you can digest the key ways to build a strong academic foundation for a successful future. Endeavour to practice the aforementioned ways of building a strong foundation for academic success then it will become a habit.

Please feel free to ask question in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.

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