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How to Become an Opay Agent Easily

This article contain information about how to become Opay Agent easily.

Do you own a shop and are planning to add an extra income source?

Well, sit back, relax and finish up this article as it would provide you with just how to do that by becoming an Opay agent.

Being an Opay agent essentially makes you a mini-bank.

As an OPay agent, you are a merchant licensed to disburse OPay services to customers in need of such which would include the un-banked and under-banked be it in the rural communities or urban areas as the case may be.

Oh yes!

You render the same services banks do like any and all of the following;

  • Money transfers (send and receive) from banks within Nigeria.
  • Airtime recharge/data top-up
  • Payment of electricity bills
  • Food and groceries
  • TV subscription/GOTV, Star-times, DSTV etc
  • Sport betting
  • Isn’t that just amazing?

    TVs and Audio Category

    You can do all these for customers and charge them at your discretion from the comfort of your shop!

    You might think to yourself though that customers can easily do most of these things from their phone or go to the bank.

    Why would they come to you?

    Well, that’s easy. Here are some reasons:
    Not everyone has the needed information to use their phone to access the conventional bank services.

    Keep in mind the illiterates who do not want their young children to access their accounts. hence, seek the services of a professional such as an Opay agent.

    You would always have customers who hate the queues at the bank and would prefer you to handle their cash withdrawal or sending.

    If you stay where the banks are far off, as an Opay agent, you’re going to “hammer”.

    Going to pay subscription fees in the offices of service renderers like Tv subscription can be tedious so they pick the easier option.

    Oh you guessed right.

    That you, the Opay agent.

    They can even do stake bets or buy food and pay via your service.

    Indeed, there are lots of reasons you would be patronized as an Opay agent.

    Wanna know what’s more exciting about all of these?

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    No pun intended. You pay absolutely nothing to become an agent with Opay.

    Requirements to become Opay agents

    • Utility bill (which could be water bill, NEPA bill or tenancy receipt) not more than three months from time of presentation.

  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Valid ID card (could be driver’s license, national ID card or international passport)
  • A small shop to attend to your customers.
    • A clear passport photograph
    • An android mobile phone that is functional and internet friendly
    • CAC documents if your business is registered (optional)

    You would agree with me that all these can be easily accessed and you can start your business with Opay.

    I know what’s on your mind.

    You think if it is this easy, there might be hidden charges or a catch.

    Fear not.

    Below are details of their charges.

    What Opay Charges?

    • Zero charge on wallet top-up
    • Unlimited airtime discount

  • Zero charge on electricity
  • Zero charges on cable TV
  • N10 for Bank transfer to any Bank in Nigeria.
  • 0.70% transaction fee on POS
  • Think again, this is just a sweet deal that you need to take advantage of now!

    How To Register To Become  An Opay Agent

  • Download and install OPay App on your Android phone through Playstore Or go to your Apple store, download, and install Opay for iPhones.
  • Use your active phone number to complete the application.
  • Chat up to the Support team and request for your registration form.
  • Fill the form correctly and provide the following;
  • passport photo,
  • Utility bill
  • Means of ID
  • CAC documents (optional).
  • Once you complete the process, you can start your transaction immediately.
    You can reach their customer service via support@opay.team or through their WhatsApp (+2349066722924).

    You can chat with the online support team in Opay if any issues arise.

  • Click on the Chat feature at the bottom- left corner on the homepage of the app.
  • Insert the phone number you registered with and click confirm to chat up with the agent.
  • How To get Opay Point of Service (POS)

    Once you have registered as an agent, Fill in the OPay agent form to upgrade your “know your customer” KYC level and keep transacting.

    Chat up the customer service or mail the support team for details on when it would be ready.

    Usually, it takes about 4-6 weeks before you’ll be contacted to go pick it up.

    Still waiting for the hard part?

    That’ll be you starting to take action now by taking advantage of this deal!

    Most people feel more comfortable doing business with a company when they know them better. Career Acada is ready to help you do that. Let’s tell you more about Opay and why they’re giving you these sweet deals.

    About Opay

    OPay is a payment platform that enables a user to shop and pay for goods and services through mobile or web browser.

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    They were developed by Opera software. The company also own the popular browser, Operamini.

    OPay is currently available as both Iphone and Android applications which allows easy, fast, secure payments and transfers.

    It majorly supports card payments with Mastercard and Visa, and also transfers from banking apps.

    Why They  Do,  Why They Do It?

    According to OPay, they are delivering on a promise of financial inclusion in Africa, to safely and conveniently connect people with the places, opportunities, and experiences that they truly care about.

    They say they have the responsibility to make these opportunities accessible to everyone.

    They went a step further to demonstrate that when they made Opay more than a payment Company.

    They believe everyone should enjoy privileges like financial and social inclusion alike, without regards for boundaries, physical boarders, or social status.

    Over 60% of people in Africa remain unbanked and as such can’t access the most basic financial services to go about their education and businesses, which is believed to have limit their full potentials as a people.

    Opay believes that Nobody should be denied access to participate in the world economy because of their circumstances or background hence they made available this platform for use by anybody and everybody.

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    For more info visit opay website

    Now you know.

    Don’t let this opportunity pass you or keep it to yourself for that matter.

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