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How to Become A Baxi Box Agent

This article contain information about how to become a Baxi Box agent.

How would you like to work hand in hand with a huge tech company that offers top-notch financial services that cut across virtually all angles?

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Sounds like fun right?

Well, when you become a Baxi Box agent, that is exactly what you sign up for.

Let us get to know the name behind the innovation.

A brief background on Baxi Box?

Baxi Box was created by a tech company by the name Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL).

They seized the opportunity that came with the CBN implementing the financial inclusion act which means allowing other companies to create and handle services that only banks previously handled.

Thus they created a platform to enhance commerce by helping a huge number of service providers to spread their reach to their customers across the country with a huge variety of services they can render.

Capricorn tech provides solutions that are unique, secure, fast, reliable, and effective.

Their platform has a nationwide reach and thus you can become an agent anywhere.

In fact, they have intentions to work with high concentrations in communities and areas that are not sufficiently served by the banks that carry out financial transactions.

It is mobile and thus encourages widespread usage, high revenue pull, and creates empowerment opportunities.

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They are a platform that provides an easier way to earn for every transaction on several products with real-time access to the value of the investment and profit.

Services provided by Baxi Box

Baxi Box provides a wide range of services in sectors which include:

  • Money transfers.
  • Airtime Purchase: Etisalat, MTN, Airtel, GLO and Visafone
  • Data Bills: Etisalat data, spectranet data, MTN data, airtel data, smile data
  • Education: WAEC examination pins generation for checking WAEC results
  • Electricity Bills: Ikeja Electricity, Ibadan Electricity, Eko Electricity, and Kano Electric.
  • Cable Bills: GOTV, DSTV, Consat, and Startimes.
  • Insurance: Cornerstone Insurance and Leadway third party car insurance.
  • Bulk Sms: Clique SMS
  • Event Tickets: Afritickets.
  • Sports Bet: Bet9ja, Winnersgoldenbet, Winners Golden Chance Lottery and Paddybet.

Benefits of Becoming A Baxi Box agent

  • Reduced risks: no risk of having bulk cash in hand.
  • Real-time transactions: Transactions are done fast and immediately.
  • Flexibility: its mobile nature allows flexibility in delivery of services.
  • Better rate: All services are rendered at better rates since Baxi Box relates directly with the service providers.
  • Commissions: You get instant commission immediately after every transaction.
  • Availability and Reliability: The system works 24/7 and is being monitored to make sure it works accordingly.

With all these benefits, I’m sure you’re ready to jump in and start working as a Baxi Box agent.

Well now, let’s find out how you register to become an agent.

How to Become a Baxi Box Agent

Becoming a baxi box agent is very easy.

It only requires you to register and make the necessary payments and you can start making all the aforementioned transactions.

One condition is attached though. Agents are first of all assessed to see if they can render the necessary services to customers.
Thus only agents with secure physical locations and that meet the Baxi assessment standards will qualify for order delivery service provisions.

Steps To Register

  • Fill the Capricorn Digital Limited sign-up form which would be given to you.
  • Submit the completed forms and make sure to attend the platform briefing.
  • Get agreement documents and guarantor form from Capricorn Digital Limited
  • Pay a deposit amount for the device
  • Compile and submit all the required documents to collect your device. This includes:
  1. 2 passport photos
  2. A photocopy of your means of identification (Int’l passport, National ID, Driver’s license, Voter’s card)
  3. Signed Capricorn Digital Limited agreement form
  4. Completed Capricorn Digital Limited guarantor’s form

Payment to be made

Device leasing amount: N90, 000
License Fee: N5, 000
The Baxi Platform currently operates on the POS, Box, APP (BaxiMobile), all tailored to suit your daily desires, in bringing value to your customers.

Hence, the payment for the device.
At the end of the payment and registration, you can thus call yourself a Baxi Box Agent and you would be given your devices.

What’s next?

To begin operation, you would need to fun your Baxi Box account.

The Minimum allowed is 25,000.

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How to fund your account as a Baxi Box Agent

Funding via bank

Zenith Bank Wallet Funding

Step 1: visit any Zenith Bank branch
Step 2: Fill the deposit slip using the following details:

On the deposit slip, Write X-PATH
Recipient Account Name: Capricorn Digital Limited
Depositor’s Name: Your BAXI Box Username & Account ID e.g. Blueberry (004563)
Phone number: your registered phone number with your Baxi account
Amount you intend to pay
Account number: 1014033345
Note: DO NOT do Mobile money transfer to the account number above.

First Bank Wallet Funding

Step 1: Visit any First Bank branch
Step 2: Fill the deposit slip using the following details:
On the deposit slip, Write “First Console”
Recipient Account Name: Capricorn Digital Limited
Depositor’s Name: Your BAXI Box Username & Account ID e.g. Blueberry (004563)
Phone number: your registered phone number with your Baxi account
Amount you intend to pay

Note: No Account Number needed.
Same process can be used in FCMB with the only difference being that you’ll write “Baxi Box Slip” on the deposit slip,

E-tranzact method of funding

Step 1: Enter any choice bank
Step 2: Pick a deposit slip and fill the following:
Recipient’s Account Name: Capricorn Digital Limited
Depositor’s Name: your BAXI Box Username & Account ID e.g. Blueberry (004563)
Phone number: your registered phone number with your Baxi account
Amount you intend to pay.

Step 3: Notify the banker you are paying using E-Bill Pay, NIBSS Collection platform OR E-Tranzact
Note that no Account Number is needed for this transaction.


Dial the bank’s USSD code from your mobile number registered to the bank.

For example *737*50*Amount*37# for GT Bank and *966*6*2277# for Zenith bank.

You will be prompted to enter Ref ID (Username or Account ID) e.g. either Blueberry or 004563.

Follow the instructions to finish the transaction.
Your Agent Details will be validated and you would be notified of a successful transaction

Funding via mobile app


  • Open the GT App and sign in
  • Go to GT Collections
  • Then InfoTech & Other Services
  • You would find Capricorn Digital Limited among the list of company names. Pick Capricorn Deposit select
  • Deposit type then Select Capricorn agent deposit.
  • Input your reference ID (Username or Account ID) and type the amount then Continue.
  • Pick your account to be debited.
  • Add Remarks and Transaction PIN or token
  • Confirm payment and wallet will be credited

Funding via Internet Banking

  • Sign to your internet banking website.
  • Click on payments & collection
  • Then NIBSS e-bills payments.
  • Click new request and then pick conglomerate option.
  • Select the company Capricorn Digital Limited
  • Enter your Baxi account details and confirm your payment.
  • When you do, you will be asked to enter the token to finish the transaction.
  • A receipt will be generated on completion.

With all these steps completed, you’re off to a great start and I can say you’re officially in business with Capricorn Digital Limited as a Baxi Box agent.

We hope this information is useful to you.

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