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Content Writers, Designers, Developers, Video Editors (fully remote), Ostmore

Job details


₦39,999 – ₦40,000 a month

Job Type

Full-time (Permanent)


Full Job Description

  1. Starting pay is 40,000 Naira per month + data.
  2. This job is 100% REMOTE, fulltime (48 hours/week). Location is not important as long as you have a reliable internet connection.
  3. We are ESPECIALLY looking for people with professional writing experience, but we’re looking for assistants to help with a number of tasks, ranging from customer service to cold emails to graphic design and video editing.



  1.  Advanced English, great writer.
  2. Your own computer. You’ll be making use of Google Docs, Google Sheets, which can be resource heavy, so your computer should be able to handle it.
  3. Fast, reliable internet. You’re expected to be online and reachable during business hours, and be able to respond (We can provide you with MTN data if you don’t have access to wifi).
  4. I recognize power outages are common in Nigeria. It’s ok to use a phone instead of a computer during some parts of the day, but you’ll be expected to make use of a computer as much as possible.
  5. You will be trained in a wide range of tasks, and your responsibilities will be anything and everything that our clients require. They have different requirements, and we’ll do our best to match people with your skills. Some of those tasks might include: 
  • Follow a list of strategies for acquiring customers.
  • Respond to customers using the guides and cheat sheets (customer service).
  • Keep track of where all customers are in our sales funnel.
  • General data entry work, especially with keywording photos and videos.
  1. Basic Photo Editing.
  2. Blog post writing and SEO.

But they are not limited to the above. Each of our clients have different requirements, and your flexibility and adaptability are your best assets.

You will largely be working on your own. With that said, there’s a lot of freedom in this job, and it can be quite liberating as long as you continue to produce results.


We will give preference to someone:

  1. Who has a powerful computer, and very fast internet for mass downloading, uploading, editing raw photos.
  2. Who speaks another European Language (like Spanish or French) to help with blog article translations.
  3. Who also works as a photographer.
  4. With web or software development experience.
  5. With graphic design experience
  6. Can effectively write and plan blog posts

Pay is 40,000 Naira monthly with plenty of opportunity for pay raises

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

University Deals

Salary: ₦39,999.00 – ₦40,000.00 per month

COVID-19 considerations:

Primary School Deals

This job is remote

Hiring Insights

Application response rate: 99%

Hiring 5 candidates for this role

Please apply here: https://app.ostmore.com/veAz

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