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Best Cosmetology Schools In The World

Best Cosmetology Schools

This article contains information about Best Cosmetology Schools In The World.

In a world where skills now trump theoretical knowledge, it is essential that you, our dear reader, be kept abreast of information regarding such.

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Career Acada has taken the time to make research on the skill, cosmetology, which happens to be one of the biggest industries today.

The beauty industry both on a professional and non-professional scale is booming. Take yourself for example. If you’re female, you probably use creams (some even use different kinds for different parts of their body), face cleansers, make-up, and perhaps special treatments for your hair, and nails.

For guys, it might just be different creams for their hair and body. And if they want to take extra care, they would treat themselves to a manicure and pedicure.

For those in the pageant industry, movie industry, music industry, and media, caring for their skin and hair is not an option, it is a must.

The point is cosmetology is big business and yes, that is the reason people now study it for a degree.

More so, it has become more complicated now that it is evolving past the age of just creams and chemicals to an age of technology.

Listed below are some of the best cosmetology programs ranked by successful students in no particular order:

List of Best Cosmetology Schools In The World

  • Xenon International Academy (Omaha, Ne)
  • The Aveda Institute (West Chester, Oh)
  • Hollywood Institute Of Beauty (Hollywood, Ca)
  • Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)
  • Pivot Point Academy Beauty School (Chicago, Il)
  • The Sassoon Academy (Santa Monica, Ca)
  • American National College (Chamblee, Ga)
  • The Ogle School (Dallas, Tx)
  • Empire Beauty School (Wilkes-Barre, Pa)

What Makes Them Special?

Empire Beauty School (Wilkes-Barre, Pa)

The Empire Beauty School ranks as one of the Best Universities for Cosmetology being accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

Its Programs kick-started its first location in 1934 in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Empire now has over 109 educational institutions.

With decades of experience teaching and guiding experts, students can be sure they offer frontline, professional education.

The Cosmetology program covers a bunch of topics including hair design and cutting, color and texture, basic skincare, business/retail training, and makeup. They also offer Cosmetology Educator Training, Esthetics, and Make-up Artistry.

Xenon International Academy (Omaha, Ne)

The program ranks among the best cosmetology programs seeing that many of the instructors are also working experts who bring first-hand experience to the classroom and encourage a hands-on approach to learning.

Coursework is divided into six subject modules with a four-phase focus in each section: Discovery, Experience, Imagine, and Create. Course topics make use of the Designer’s Approach to Sculpture, Hair Design, Texture, Color, and Salon Success.

The required Cosmetology basics Textbook is a component of the student’s Cosmetology Student Kit.

The Aveda Institute (West Chester, Oh)

This school, established in 1977 offers its Cosmetology program in about 60 American cities, Canada, and Australia.

Requirements for entry, expenses for classes, and graduation credit vary with locations.

Nonetheless, all students are guaranteed a comprehensive, hands-on educational experience that will set them up for the rigors of the workforce.

Evidence of that is seen in established alumni of the Aveda Schools like Hauns Korpela, Janell Geason, David Wagner, and Roxana DaCosta.

Hollywood Institute Of Beauty (Hollywood, Ca)

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty is made this list as it maintains three locations in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando.

It offers training in several fields such as nail technology, barbering, esthetics, skincare, massage therapy, and cosmetology.

The Cosmetology certification requires the completion of 1200 class hours.

The average full-time day student can get through with the program in about 10 months, while the evening attendees will take about 17 months.
Upon completion of the program, students will be set to sit for the state licensure examination and thus become confident applicants for the field

Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)

Paul Mitchell is a popular name in the professional hair product world. He also partnered with John Paul DeJoria, to invent the John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Included in this System are more than 50,000 salons in 81 nations, above 100 beauty products available in about 80 countries, and over 100 school locations

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School (Chicago, Il)

The late Leo Passage was a popular hair stylist and cosmetology educator with above 100 global honors and awards to his name.

He established the beauty education company Pivot Point International In the year 1962.

Now under the direction of his son, Robert Passage, the program is made up of ’13 areas of study, containing 106 theory lessons and 68 workshops’.

There are six subject modules to the educational program: Cosmetology Fundamentals, Sculpture, Hair Design, Color, Texture, Color, and Salon Success and Met.

The digital platform of the educational program called LAB (Learn About Beauty) resembles social media’ making it both enjoyable and interactive to students.

The effectiveness and success of the program are seen in its enormous growth. Today it is beyond a school; Pivot Point has turned into the most taught, global beauty school educational program accessible in over 2,000 institutions, across 70 nations, in 15 languages.

The Sassoon Academy (Santa Monica, Ca)

The Sassoon Academy offers a detailed beginners program in cosmetology and requires no experience to apply.

This program is expected to last for 44 weeks and covers 1600 hours of course work and hands-on experience.

Their method of teaching involves the compulsory use of mannequins, curling iron, make-up and wax kits, and the Milday Cosmetology textbook
Students are also expected to be in possess a Professional Student Beauty Kit, which includes a hairdryer, brushes, combs, and clips.

These may cost students up to $2,000.

American National College (Chamblee, Ga)

In 2013, the Royal Beauty Careers School, the Iverson Institute, and the Circle J.

Beauty School partnered to create the American National College.

Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, American National College has been honored as ‘the only Dermalogica, OPI, and CHI partner beauty school in the south’.

The cosmetology program has a class schedule that isn’t rigid with courses offered during the evening and weekends.

Class topics incorporate Chemical Hair Relaxing, Shampoo and Related Theory, Cold Waving, and Facials.

Students are reviewed for movement to the junior class after 500 class hours are completed.

After 1000 hours of course work, students are encouraged to take the State Board exams and are again taken through a test for progressing to the senior class.

It will take an average of 83 weeks to complete the program in this top-notch school.

An accelerated Master Cosmetology program is also made available, which usually takes about 50 weeks to finish.

The Ogle School (Dallas, Tx)

Founded by internationally renowned hairstylist Shelton Ogle, the Ogle School which began in 1973 is one of the best cosmetology schools worldwide and has been providing efficient and professional education to beauticians ever since.

Accredited by the NACCAS, there are now eight educational facilities across the state of Texas, making Ogle one of the most successful beauty schools in the state.

In the Cosmetology program, students will gain the majority of their professional experience from the on-campus student-run salons

The services offered by these salons are inexpensive and are done by students who are supervised by their instructors.

Students will have the opportunity to show off their talent through events like the annual Face-Off competition.

Courses are flexible and after the completion of the program, students may take advantage of the school’s job placement and professional assistance.

As you know, there are several other world-class schools but these stand out with decades of experience and reach throughout the world.

This does not in any way mean you cannot attend the nearest beautician shop if you find cosmetology as a career path.

We encourage cosmetology schools who want to reach out to our audience to reach Career Acada and we can have an article written just for you.

In the meantime, We hope you enjoyed reading best cosmetology schools in the world.

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