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Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria And Their Location

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This article talks about the best boarding schools in Nigeria

There are several reasons why parents send their ward to boarding schools in Nigeria.

Some consider it a means for the child to learn better and ease the boarding of parents catering for children and preparing for work at the same time.

No matter the case may be, sending child to boarding schools is widely accepted in Nigeria today.

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Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria

What is a Boarding School?

boarding school is a place/institution where children live within premises while being given formal education. 

Top 10 Best Boarding School in Nigeria

10. Regent School

The Regent lyceum was started in 2007. The varsity administrates with an adapted version of the National Curriculum for England and Wales in Years (7) and (8), CIE Checkpoint in Year (9) and CIE IGCSE in Year (10) and (11).

Initially, the primary and lyceum shared the pioneer campus for the first few years after the secondary school was established.

But in 2009, the high school students moved to a replacement purpose-built campus in September 2009.

The school is one among the simplest boarding schools in Nigeria and amongst the highest boarding schools in Nigeria.

Location: Abuja

Official school Website


The school was started in 1989 by the tutorial Trust Council (ETC). it’s one among the simplest boarding schools in Lagos that’s situated on the brink of the Atlantic in Epe, Lagos state

Location: Lagos

School fees: N2,270,000 per annum

Official School Website


Funtaj International School is known for their intrinsic motivational way of teaching as the school believes motivation is one of the most important teaching tools that shape and helps students’ attitudes about educational activities.

Funtaj International School is amongst the coeducational Boarding schools in Abuja, amongst the top boarding schools in Nigeria and with day boarding facilities.

Location: Abuja

Official School website


The school was established in 1998 with eight students and three teachers at that time of inception.

This school is one of the best boarding schools in Abuja and one of the top-rated schools in the country.

location: Abuja

Official School Website


The chrisLand college is one of the simplest boarding schools located in Lagos. Also, it’s one among the simplest boarding schools in Nigeria specially designed for top borns.

The school is filled and equipped with modern laboratories, air-conditioned classrooms, and much more.

Location: Lagos

School fee: N2,000,000 per annum

Official School Website


The school was kick-started in 1996 as an all-boys private school. However, the school merged with Pampers Private School to become bigger and have turned to something that looks exquisite.

This boarding school is in Lagos. It is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria renowned and well known for having high educational standards. 

Location: Lagos

Official School Website


Founded in 2004, White Dove School is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and one of the best boarding schools in Lagos. It is comprised of a nursery, primary and secondary school.

The nursery school offers the British Early Years Foundation Curriculum in addition to the Nigerian Curriculum.

Also, the Montessori principles are applied to the upbringing and teaching of these children at White Dove Nursery Schools.

Location: Lagos

Official School Website


This is one of the boarding schools in Lagos and one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria with a fee of N4, 300,000 per session. This school is obviously far from being considered one of the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria.

Lekki British school is one of the top private secondary boarding schools in Nigeria. It was established in 2000. The school has an all international standard of studying, with well-equipped laboratories, air-conditioned learning rooms, theatre room, and internet-connected computers for students.

Location: Lagos

Official School Website

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It consists of boarding houses including provisions for day students. The year of the establishment is 1997 and ranks amongst the simplest boarding schools in Nigeria and one among the boarding schools in Lagos.

The students can receive here a really broad and balanced education during a good academic environment. There are computer centres within the school, rich library, cultural facilities, and more.

Location: Lagos

Official School Website


Loyola Jesuit College is run by the Society of Jesuit in Abuja. It is one of the best boarding schools in Abuja. It is a coeducational boarding school located on a beautiful 28.5-hectare site in the serene village of Gidan Mangoro.

The school is one of the best schools in Nigeria and provides a conducive atmosphere for focused learning. Its obviously not one of the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria, but you’ll definitely get a great value for a fair amount.

Location: Abuja

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Official School Website

Top 10 Tips For Boarding School Students

1. Bring Plenty of Clothing, Supplies and Reminders of Home

Don’t forget to pack this vital checklist, as well as a few special personal items. The more pieces of home you bring, the more settled you’ll immediately feel in your new residence. Whether it’s your favorite winter coat, the journal you always write in or some framed family photos, having these keepsakes will bring a sense of familiarity to your new space.

2. Be Open-Minded

You’ll encounter plenty of new things when you arrive in boarding school — these discoveries are a fun part of the process! But change also has a way of making us want to cling to what’s familiar. Embrace new ways of doing things, different teaching styles and the plethora of diverse faces around you — the more open-minded you are, the sooner you’ll grow to love your new school.

3. Maintain Good Hygiene

Establish good habits from the start. You may be used to having your parents take care of certain cleaning habits at home, but boarding school comes with new levels of independence and self-reliance. It’s time for you to shine!

4. Connect With Your Roommates

Living together bonds people in ways that few other things can. Make an effort to bond with your roommate. Be intentional about sharing meals together, do fun activities together and share your tips to survive boarding school. You’ll likely find you have plenty in common!

5. Use Your Time Wisely

Boarding school will offer plenty of extracurricular opportunities to jump in to, from clubs and events to sports teams and theatre productions. Decide which ones you can afford to spend time on, and make wise decisions about balancing your homework, social and personal time. This will help you from overcommitting early on.

6. Listen to Dorm Parents and Teachers

Dorm Parents and teachers have years of boarding school experience to offer — and most importantly, they want to help. Our biggest boarding house tip is to embrace their wisdom and consider them the caring, knowledgeable figures that they are. They’re on your side.

7. Learn to Manage Your Time

Boarding school will quickly teach you that procrastination is not your friend. Approach your new school with a plan to conquer time management. Organize your day with specific goals in mind, make checklists of everything you need to accomplish and prioritize your time. This isn’t just a boarding school hack — it’s a valuable life skill.

8. Explore Off-Campus Opportunities

While there will be a plethora of options to keep you busy on campus, do your research and dive into off-campus opportunities as well. From school club activities to local arts and culture events, off-campus opportunities will help you expand your horizons and feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

9. Learn to Manage Homesickness

Homesickness is a very common part of adjusting to your new life at boarding school. The good news is, plenty of others will be struggling with the exact same thing, so you’ll have many people to connect with. Conquer homesickness through strategies such as staying active, socializing with new peers and keeping in touch with your family members.

10. Have Fun!

Most importantly, remember to have a good time! Through all of the transitions, boarding school is an incredible time for self-discovery and enhanced education. And while you’re investing in the future, you can also have plenty of fun through new friendships, dorm living experiences and a wide array of extracurricular activities.




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