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5 Skills Fresh Graduates Must Acquire to Earn a Good Job in 2020


This post is about 5 Skills Fresh Graduates Must Acquire to Earn a Good Job in 2020.

Definition of a Skill

A skill is the ability to do something well. It is a high level of expertise in a job, craftwork, ideas about certain things or field of studies which helps to boost your confidence and helps you stand a chance of getting employed within any organization.


We all know of the situation at hand, a very uncertain and daunting global issue that might stay with us for a much longer time than expected – it’s nothing you do not already know.


I’m referring to Corona Virus Pandemic.Covid-19 is a pandemic deadly disease first discovered in Wuhan Province of China before making a trip to different countries around the world thus, affecting all aspects of human way of life, businesses, human survivability, sustainability and work-life; we all know the rest of the story. More people are losing their job every day while some companies still employ competent candidates every day.

The question is, How do you survive as a fresh graduate or final year student after graduation?

What do you know how to do best? Do you know what you are good at doing? What skills do I need to get a good job after graduation? Have you trained yourself to acquire some skills while in school? Have you volunteered for any organization or hold a leadership position during your days in school?

To be honest, there are many skills you need as a graduate to survive out there and be able to stand out amidst thousands of applicants for a job vacancy with an organization.

Been able to prove your worth and competencies are dependent on your overall skillsets.

5 Skills Fresh graduates and Final Year students must acquire to earn a good job in 2020

1. Teamwork and Leadership skills

Teamwork shows how you can relate and work with others to achieve common goals, while Leadership depicts your ability to lead a group of people on common ground in order to achieve the aim of the set goals.

These skills are important for you to survive within the organization you find yourself and the labour market as a whole.

University Deals

This skillset is as important as graduating from the university with a certificate endorsed for completing the program.

For as much as I know, a large number of graduates are dish out into the labour market by Private, States and Federal Universities nationwide annually.

Primary School Deals

This can challenge anyone and requires you to acquire skills that make stand out from the crowd.

The reality is all those tasks, assignments, group work, lectures and extra curriculum activities engaged in while in school are what build, train and help develop this skill in you.

If you are the head of the class, or a volunteer at school Church/Masjid or School Association, you can relate to why you need to be a good team player and sometimes lead others, on several occasions to achieve some goals for the association.

You might be oblivion of having acquired these skillsets; it comes to play when you graduate and needed to get a job, of course, you’ll stand a better chance than most graduates who have not taken their chances of acquiring such skill as they lived through school.

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2. Management and Entrepreneur Skills

Every organization out there needs to sell one thing or the other, and/or render services to their customers.

In this case, these companies, of course, need individuals that are fully fleshed with business instincts and business-oriented to help come up with good business ideas, analyze market, make credible suggestions on how to improve sales or better improve on their services.

They usually make a call for individuals who love business, tech-savvy and someone who is encouraged by the problem in the society that could be converted into business opportunities thereby supporting the organizational goals.

It is expected of you to make use of your business intelligence skills and support organizational growth and development. Are you in any way overwhelmed by all these expectations? Belief me, it is what it is.

Management and Entrepreneur skills are broader subject matters, and has the tendency of making you into a job creator and pioneer of great business institution without realizing it.

Every day of our lives, we manage our affairs, juggling between life, taking risk, going out and living through it all, we learn to contain the amazing and manage the stress.

Start something as a student and a graduate; it does not have to be big. Observe your environment for business opportunities; think solutions to problems within your immediate environment; what do people need; do people get what they want; what is available and is it enough; be conversant with fellow students and colleagues.

Ask questions that can help see what opportunities lie for you as an entrepreneur.

Start small but think big! That’s the logic because you will be able to gather valuable experiences and confidence in yourself. Many organization look for these skills in candidates that apply for jobs.

Remember, No one gets to run as soon as he/she was born. You have to go through different phases, one at a time before you could run. This implies that landing yourself a job with a good organization, good pay, enabling work environment, and work-life balance starts with getting equipped the skillsets that can make you excel.

I’ll not bombard you with too much information (TMI), it is a gradual process.

I hope you have had a good read? Stay tuned for part 2.

Thanks for your time. See you around, buddies.

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