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4 Essential Instincts that Guaranty your Success as an Entrepreneur


This post is all about essential instincts that guaranty your success as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur’s are business-oriented and diversify individuals, who seek to find solutions to as many problems in the society as possible and be able to identify opportunities to make a change(s), which can be in terms of providing services or building products, with the sole aim of getting rid of the problems and ease societal affairs.

So, entrepreneurs expectedly should have some instincts that can guaranty their success as great influencers on humans’ lives and well-being.


There is a saying that certain people or persons who meet up and get along very easily must have met on common ground, i.e there is or are certain things, which make them feel connected to one another.

In the light of this, I will be addressing some instincts that you can use to evaluate yourself and see if you’re a true Entrepreneur or not, the bottom line is everyone or anybody can be an entrepreneur because it starts with some baby steps.

One thing is certain, entrepreneurs are good people who have the best interest of the whole society at heart, but are repay bountifully by nature, for each of their keenness to go extra miles to help the society at large. With the opportunities for changes been identified by these set of people to improve on humans’ lives, they are in turn blessed by Heaven for helping their fellow humans.

4 Essential Behavioural Instincts of an Entrepreneur

1. Entrepreneurs Are Great Observant

Entrepreneurs are able to quickly see or identify the slightest change or alteration in something within your environment and the environment itself.

Because of the detailed nature of an entrepreneur as an individual, everything and everyone around and beyond them is a point of important subject matter to them. An entrepreneur is good with almost everything ranging from been insightful, attentive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and beyond.

Many of the innovators, businesspersons, scientists, manufacturers, and what have you, are all entrepreneurs by nature.

The differences are in the subject matters that caught each of their attention and have the most influence on them.

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This has resulted in a call for specialization and origin of different fields of study.

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Out of the love for the environment, for humanity, for well-being and improvement on human activities and lives, entrepreneurs are usually occupied with finding some of the lost ingredients or condiments within the society and environment at large, in order to restore serendipity and improve on our everyday life.

More practically, the ability of each of these persons to identify or deliberately sorts various ways on how to improve on existing processes of doing things, or develop methods of acquiring things in a better and appealingly ways to improve human lives.

All of these made them great Entrepreneurs. Do you wish to be an entrepreneur? Start by learning how to be inquisitive, and notice some of the slightest changes or alterations in everything and everyone.

2. Entrepreneurs Are Smart and Focus

Most entrepreneurs are usually smart and focus on identifying the slightest change in everything and anything.

By far, they tend to have sound Intellectual Quotient that is richly developed and keeps tracks of events and activities vividly.

Entrepreneurs can tell tales of the alterations that may have occurred over the cause of time.

Entrepreneurs exhibit these two distinct characteristics in a unique but industrious way.

Give you a practical sense of how entrepreneurs would remain focus on their belief about something that has occurred and thinking of ways to redeem the situation.

Of course, there are going to be ups and downs, but for someone who’s a focus, he/she does make some smart point of reference from which the relevance of his impacts can best be felt and acknowledged.

If you’re one of those people who fall in this category, perhaps owning a business might be the best fit for you, or you just want to try to be an entrepreneur.

Amazon smartly outplayed Barnes and Noble within the bookstore business by identifying and implementing a better way to store books and make it seamless for the reader to pick what book to read. So, its focuses are to get to readers to buy more books through recommendation and had been committed to the digital space of dealing with the bookstore business. A business indeed lost by the BN

3. Entrepreneurs are Persistence and unexpectedly Passionate

Persistence is one of the key elements for success to be attracted to anyone. Passion, on the other hand, gives an uncommon and strong-will over your belief about something and could make you go about the moon for its manifestation and success.

Listen up, you could have ideas that no one believes is good enough or found worthy of wasting precious time analyzing.

I mean it’s okay when people around you ridicule or do not believe in your dream about something. However, it is important to stay alert and be driven by the success story that would emerge from pursuing your dream.

Entrepreneurs are wired in such a way that they smartly outplay these roles seamlessly.

You could see the persistence and passion exuding from entrepreneurs when practically executing tasks related to a project or something he/she finds worthy of doing; their actions, speeches and how they deal with the tasks speaks volume about these instincts.

Entrepreneurs are of great support system to most people around them, but it might take a longer time to recruit these people to buy their idea about building a castle.

Most times, people find it difficult to genuinely see and accept the vision of an entrepreneur until it becomes crystal clear.

Although an entrepreneur’s vision or idea about something seems unrealistic or daunting, they are however mostly influenced by the fact people think they are out of their mind or crazy for thinking about the impossibility.

We were all aware of Mark Zuckerberg’s dream to have a centralized system of building connection; a platform where people can meet up and connect without barriers irrespective of the location across the globe.

Many people believe not, but today hope is alive because Facebook was manifested by this young man.

The lesson here is to be consistent and make efforts towards building our dream.

4. Entrepreneurs are Learners and Team Players

Most entrepreneurs are great exploiters of the environment and things it encompasses.

By virtue of their intellect, they seek to know and learn everything about human existence and their interrelationship with the environment.

In doing all of these, they are always on the verge of acquiring knowledge about everything, new or old. They derive pleasure in spending quality time to make something meaningful.

These behavioural patterns make most entrepreneurs be open-minded to varieties of subject matter, and allow them to have broader knowledge and detailed information about most things and ways of effecting positive changes without much ado.

Mostly, they are caught looking for different ways to build on themselves and identify better ways to be good at what they do.

In a real sense, entrepreneurs believe that there are always some new things to learn and know about. Hence, learning is part of the elements that made them what they are – entrepreneurs.

Do you know what they say about having a circle of friends with like minds that desire a common interest in a thing? Entrepreneurs are great team players.

Many successful people have great friends with whom they share great dreams and build businesses together.

Entrepreneurs are known to build bonds with people that are just like them, and to a large extent, great things are born from great teams.

In conclusion, this content aims to help you, as a reader, dig deeper into yourself to identify perhaps there’s an iota of two or three of these behavioural patterns in you.

If yes, Great start something today. If no, You can be one because these instincts are acquirable i.e you can work on yourself and become a successful Entrepreneur.

Remember, Whether you think can or you cannot, you are right!

Thank you for reading through.

See you around.

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